Help identifying odd flights


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Taken near Palo Alto California, around 10:30PST, 14.03.2017 (unfortunately not my photo). View attachment 25856
Do you have access to the original photo? If yes, could you please post its Exif?

My educated guess is these three flights:
Screen Shot 2017-03-15 at 11.57.52.png

As the middle plane was at a lower altitude of 32,000 ft than the other two (at 36,000 ft), the three planes would appear more evenly spaced.


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Could it be a military flight? This footage is from Petaluma which is to the north of Palo Alto and San Francisco.



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Seems too far away, about 100 miles there.
Shouldn't be a problem for long lenses, unless hidden behind local geography. This is one of the reasons I requested Exif.

The other is that I suspect this is a 'trick' shot - an overlay of three sequential shots of the same contrail. Deflected from the plane track by wind, such a multiplied contrail makes a series of staggered parallel lines. I've seen this technique before, for example:
series2-3.psd by Gordon Dunn, on Flickr
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