Health Effects - Jet Fuel Exposure (JP8+100)


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Hi All, was wondering if anyone has info on health affect associated with continuous chronic exposure to significant quantities of JP8+100. Plus other POL/solvents

I'm also trying to determine the bi-products likely to be in the atmosphere post combustion and associated health effects of continuous long term exposure.

TWA's are generally based on 8/40, what are they 24/7??

I was exposed (24/7) for 9 mths - handled in excess of 45, 000,000 Lts with limited PPE and limited water facilities & ambient temp >43 degree c whilst working, eating and sleeping 25m between runway and apron???


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Well, here's some zim-zam about mRNA:

As for likely outcomes, I would need more information. Even then, dispensing medical advice without a proper patient evaluation is a total no-no. Were you in the military?

Yeah, Oz Army exposed for 6 years but worst whilst op deployed as described previously.

Gov's been doing studies for about 10yrs (jet fuel exposure syndrome) and on reading all the reports, myself and around 600 others are confused to say the least as to why they are paying compo (total $50m au) to hundreds of people for exposure to SR51 chemical used to clean tanks when studies suggest its the JP8100 not the named chemical.

Also they are saying its for changes in DNA but exclude females from study???

All report read and analysed by us including gov reports say SR51 unlikely cause most likely JP8, but yet we continue to be excluded from study / testing / compo etc. funny that jet fuel exposure study with no jet fuel only exposed persons thaking part on.

They even refuse to accept med conditions sustained were caused by exposure even though the clusters and job descriptions were almost identical.