Hawaii Soil Aluminum, Barium Strontium, Manganese, and Varium tests

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getting out ahead of this in the spirit of 'preemptive debunking'.
The Hawaii Center for Volcanology
The Hawaiian Islands are volcanic in origin. Each island is made up of at least one primary volcano, although many islands are composites of more than one.
Hawaiian volcanoes primarily erupt a type of rock known as basalt. When molten, basalt produces liquids of relatively high fluidity, compared to volcanoes that erupt more silica rich magma types such as andesite, dacite or rhyolite

University of Hawai‘i - College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources
Important Minerals and Weathered Materials of Basalt Rock in Hawaii
Primary Minerals of Basalt Rock
•Plagioclase Feldspar
Others: magnetite, apatite, ilmenite

Secondary Minerals
•Smectite, such as montmorillonite (less weathered)
•Kaolin, such as halloysite (more weathered)

Iron Oxides

Aluminum Oxide

Amorphous Minerals

Average chemical composition of some Hawaiian lavas
Average of 53 analyses of olivine basalts from the Hawaiian Islands
Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 13.18%

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Well, this pretty much closes out the thread


I have directed Ms Mack to this thread to discuss the matter.

I hope she will contact the producers of "Hawaii Revisited", namely Michael J. Murphy and G. Edward Griffin, and let them know that they should retract all their statements regarding aluminum in Hawaii's soil, since the Bauxite Deposits there are widely known. They should have consulted a geologist before 'crying wolf', but even a non-geologist like me didn't take but an hour or so to find this.

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That's a reference mostly for tests for Al+++, the soluble aluminum. The test she used (EPA 6010B) is inductively coupled plasma-atomic emission spectrometry, and only tests for the atomic constituents of the sample, hence it's totally different to an Al+++ test. The relevent info from that source is:
If you apply this number to an acre of soil 6 2/3 inches deep (2 million pounds of soil), that 7% "Total Al" would equal about 140,000 lb Al/acre or 70,000 ppm.

So her levels of 51,000 to 65,200 ppm seem very reasonable.

I suspect though that she would look at the Al+++ figures of 0.5ppm?

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Sent via 'contact' page at this website:
Jay Reynolds said:
Dear Sir/Madam behindthemask,
I noticed that my fact-based comment was deleted from your webpage referencing the tests on Maui soils by Debra Mack. This is unfortunate because if you insist on deleting material that shows you are wrong about something, it doesn't make you any more correct, it only serves to perpetuate your error, which will eventually be recognized anyway. I am going to post another comment on the page in case my original one was removed by mistake. Please allow open factual comments, hopefully you believe in a world where free and open discussion can exist without censorship.
Jay Reynolds

Here is the comment I posted today:
Jay Reynolds said:
Jay Reynolds June 10, 2011Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Hawaii’s soils are rich enough in aluminum that bauxite, an aluminum ore, has been stripmined in the past. The ore is also known as gibbsite.
Please have a gander at what was found in soil tests on Maui a long time ago.
This shows that high aluminum was known to be present in the soils at Kula. The aluminum:

Bauxite found at Haiku(1959):

Revegetation of stripmined Bauxite lands in Hawaii(1960):

In short, the idea that anything is unusual about soil samples containing aluminum in Hawaii is simply wrong.

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Maui District Health Officer Dr. Lorrin Pang discussed “chemtrails,” food safety and Roundup at a crowded Upcountry Sustainability public meeting in Pukalani earlier this month.

"Dr. Pang conducted an independent study in Ha‘ikū, where he tested the aluminum content in rainwater daily over a month. He found no correlation between the possible “chemtrails” that were reported and aluminum levels. In fact, he found only two samples that were minimally above normal, acceptable levels of aluminum found in rainwater.

That leaves him even more puzzled, but, he said, “I don’t doubt there’s strange stuff going on.”

Dr. Pang needs to check out the 1957 edition of Light Metal Age: Hawaiian Bauxite Discoveries, on site Report by Roy Fellom, Jr.
It describes the bauxite deposits of Maui. Bauxite is aluminum ore.

He also needs to contact Dr. Peter M. Vitousek, whose book contains an Excel spreadsheet describing the atmospheric inputs of aluminum in the air of Hawaii from various sources,
see chapter 6: Nutrient Inputs to Hawaiian Ecosystems: Pathways, Rates, and Controls
at this link:

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Here are several videos of Dr. Pang at the meeting.

In one, he mentions that Michael Murphy is moving to Maui in September.

In this one, he begins a discussion of chemtrails near the end:

He continues in this one, giving some details of his testing:

-A high school student in Haiku, caught rain every day for 45 days.
-Chemtrail believers there kept a diary of days when they thought they were being sprayed, with ratings of high/medium/low.
-Samples were tested for aluminum.
-Michael Murphy claimed that 4000(no units given) was high, but when you called them they said an average was kinda like 800, then they said that what's high is about 40.
-Of 28 samples, 2 were about 60, the rest were very low, there was no correlation whatsoever with the diary and the aluminum level.
-Then, another kind of diary was created, using online radar pictures(satellite images of ship trails or contrails?-JR) where they said they could see chemtrails in the high atmosphere, "apparently the university of Washington was doing the same thing", the second diary ranked high/medium/low, but again there was no correlation.
-Testing was done in one location
-Pang said that they could spray with sea water, so to prevent them from switching to sea water during the test, there was no communication between the diary keepers and his team.
-Pang related that a member of the county council had received an anonymous letter from a Colonel saying that there was nothing that could be sprayed at that altitude that could be harmful.
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