Has this Government paper been debunked yet?


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Can't be debunked as it is a real discussion paper, but it has come to the conclusion that there should be a regulatory framework to oversee any future geoengineering.

"We conclude that there is a need to develop a regulatory framework for

geoengineering. Two areas in particular need to be addressed: (i) the existing

international regulatory regimes need to develop a focus on geoengineering and (ii)

regulatory systems need to be designed and implemented for those SRM techniques

that currently fall outside any international regulatory framework. (Paragraph 55)"
(page 49)



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Ah I see, what I meant was have you discussed it here before - sorry, that was a quick post.

It`s just that some chemmies are using this as proof that contrails are chemtrails - shock horror!

Not been discussed here yet then I assume?

Mick West

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It's come up a few times, I can't remember where. But it's really just evidence that people are thinking about doing geoengineering in the future, and are asking questions about how it might work. There's nothing in it that suggests they were doing it in the past (other than CO2 reduction). It's obviously something that NEEDS regulation.

There's a similar thing in Germany:

Steve Funk

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I see in the introduction it says something about geoengineering already being tested, albeit on a very small scale. I haven't gotten far enough into the paper to see if it gives any details.

Mick West

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There are lots of small geoengineering tests, but mostly not of SRM technology. There's stuff like ocean fertilization, white roofs, and biochar. Lots of them are listed here:


The only actual SRM test they mention is Izreal 2009, which David Keith described as spraying some stuff out of a helicopter. It was not really a geoengineering test, as it did not even affect the local weather, more a test of how much various particles block sunlight.



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