kung fu panda

New Member
hi everyone!! :D

i've been lurking here for a while, time to start posting....
i've spent the last few years correcting the 'chemtrail' myth on the David Icke forum, originally as 'eternal wheel' and latterly as 'tescos organic'.
i've recently aquired a life-time ban from there, so no more preaching to the un-convertable!!
looking forward to some intellectual stimulation, rather than "just look up".....

Mick West

Staff member
Hello and welcome! I'm familiar with your posts over on Icke, good stuff.

What did they ban you for?

kung fu panda

New Member
thanks mick, i posted "do you think you could post up some evidence of that?" and got my account suspended by the moderator 'i_am', who said 'you can't talk to people like that'. ???? so i rather daftly created another account, and got a lifetime ban. i can't access the forum at all to read anything or access any links from this site to the forum..... oh well....
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