Greenwood Crown Flash


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This thread might not be so much about debunking the video, as internet already seems to have pinpointed the phenomenon as a rare weather phenomenon called crown flash.

The effect looks very cool, but I find very little information about the phenomenon. Perhaps because it is so rare and hard to study. Anyone got a good source on this phenomenon?

Or just post some kooky UFO-interpretations of this video, for amusement :D

Mick West

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There's a good collection of links here:

I particularly like the Forgetomori article, with historical descriptions found by the late William Corliss


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Phil Plait (Bad Astronomer) paid some attention with a rather extensive explanation for this two days ago:


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Incredibly cool.

"i'm fn flipping out dude" was classic.

Its easy to see how in an earlier time in human history you might be convinced somebody was up there.