Gov’t Study: 75% of AIR and Rain Samples Tested Positive for Roundup ??


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Gov’t Study: 75% of AIR and Rain Samples Tested Positive for Monsanto’s Roundup (link)

I'm suspicious of this claim. Is it factually based ? Is it specific enough to warrant headlines.....let's see.....

There are many sites using this claim to post articles. Has any of these site's authors had the study in-hand ?.....or are they delving in conjecture based on a simple "abstract" of the study ?

Please read the above link/article.....I won't copy-and-paste the whole article.

The study (only the abstract is available):

(more editing and info very soon)
I gave this thread link to the study's author, Paul Capel.
....and I requested a copy of the study.
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Interesting.....there may be a dual belief by some of the chemtrail community, who do not believe that dust and particulate matter leads to Aluminum and other elements in rainwater test results, but however might believe that pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers ARE carried by rain droplets. It's something that can be pointed to, in a discussion of "what's in the rain".

I have not yet read the study, but I strongly suspect that any pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers found, are indeed primarily attached to airborne soil dust.....if the study includes this data.
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I have not yet read the study, but I strongly suspect that any pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers found, are indeed primarily attached to airborne soil dust.....if the study includes this data.
I have a copy of the study (I have university access). Here's what it says about that issue:
And specifically with regard to glyphosate and its breakdown product, aminomethylphosphonic acid:
I'd say that the summary that you linked to in your OP got it right. The study found that detection of glyphosate increased in air and rainwater samples between the two sampling periods, and that other, often more environmentally-harmful pesticides (including other herbicides) decreased.


I'd like to see these tests performed in a typical neighborhood with well manicured yards. My guess is they might find glyphosate there too.


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Here are the studies....

.....Much thanks to Paul author of these studies.
I have not had time to review them yet.


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Interesting how this website takes a part of the study and then just runs with it, into a gish gallop of dot joining.

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