"GO FAST" Footage from Tom DeLonge's To The Stars Academy. Bird? Balloon?

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Assuming FixedUpdate2() is being called by FixedUpdate(), this code is incorrect and will leave a frame rate dependent mismatch between the simulation and the real video proportional to the difference in graphics update frequency, physics frequency, and project vsynchv settings. On a 60Hz monitor with 30 fps (skipping every second v-blank), the ratio is 30/50. At 60 fps (standard vsynch), the ratio is 60/50, etc.. On a 75Hz or other frequency monitor with vsynch enabled, the results will change accordingly.
Thanks. That code is a little old, and I've since changed it to just instantly run throught physics-only with a fixed timestep of 0.0333333 (1/30th), recording the entire thing, then synchronizing playback frame-by frame with the video, so I can simultaneously scrub them side by side.
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You'll find no argument from me in regards to Leslie Kean, she's a full woo-believer 100%. That said, the article was co-written by Ralph Blumenthal who is a legitimate journalist with a large body of respected work. I'm hesitant to dismiss their work completely due to his involvement. I still think it was a story worth telling.

I'm not sure the interdimensional ghost stuff is even all that fringe among UFO believers presently. If you read forums made up primarily of believers, it actually seems to be the predominant theory these days. You don't see as much discussion about nuts n' bolts flying saucers compared to the topic in the 1950's-1990's. Funnily enough, the exact same thing has happened in the Bigfoot community. Gone are the days of an egregiously large undiscovered primate stalking the American woods. Nowadays lots of people believe Bigfoot to be some sort of interdimensional entity, ghost, skinwalker, etc.
The explanation of aliens, ghosts or bigfoot are interdimensional beings by the paranormal community is because there is no way to argue against an unproven theory based on no evidence. For instance, it is very difficult to explain away a creature that has lived side by side with humans since beginning of history with the actual numbers needed to sustain such a group of bipeds. There would have to be millions of them. Same with the Lochness Monster. Its just very unlikely they would be so elusive. Sooooo, lets make them interdimensional. Bingo. LOL. Explanation solved.


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So also the Indian geese, reach those altitudes but always fly at very low heights from the ground. If a bird was visible in the GOFAST video, there is no biological justification for it to travel at 5000 meters level, over 300 miles from the coast at a constant speed of tens of mph, in winter....

Good points, but we should not be too quick to rule out birds as an explanation of freak events. I've been reading the book 'The UFO Files', by David Clarke (2nd edition, Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012), based on researches in the UK National Archives. He notes that

On rare occasions large individual birds had been known to cause chaos. Barry Huddard, who served with Fighter Command in 1957, recalled one incident 'when fighters were scrambled to intercept an echo on a radar screen which turned out to be a Golden Eagle at 25,000 feet in a jet stream, very unusual but nonetheless true'. [location 1099 in the Amazon Kindle version].

This is part of a general discussion of the problem of interpreting radar signals in the 1950s. After much research, flocks of migrating birds were found to be a common source of radar echoes, and the systems were tweaked to ignore them. The problem became less serious with more modern radar, but Clarke reports a visit to an RAF radar centre in 2005 where he recalls

When I asked one of the operators if they ever detected UFOs she replied, with a smile: 'Sometimes, but when we spot one we just send for the technicians who come along and tune them out'. [location 1123]

The whole book is well worth reading.

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Admittedly drifting off topic:

Thought experiment: Okay, UFOlogists! You've convinced me and everyone of note that Aliens are driving flying saucers around the skies of our planet. It's an accepted fact.

Okay... now what?
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