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Thor Odinson

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Hello all,

While debating GMOs with a friend a claim was made that independent research has to gain approval from the companies from which the products they used to conduct the study came from. Is there any merit to this or is it just bunk?

Mick West

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Did your friend give you any evidence it was true, or was it just something he remembered hearing somewhere?


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Hello all,

While debating GMOs with a friend a claim was made that independent research has to gain approval from the companies from which the products they used to conduct the study came from. Is there any merit to this or is it just bunk?
sounds like Monsanto has allowed testing as long as the scientists sign that they will not plant seeds after the experiment or let seeds go in the wild And dont pirate the patented technology of the seeds. Sounds reasonable and open to me.

from August 2013, your article is from 2010.

In 2009, 26 scientistsdrafted an anonymous letterto the Enivironmental Protection Agency complaining that the legalese that came with each sack of GM grain was making it impossible for them to do their jobs. “No truly independent research can be legally conducted on many critical questions,” they wrote.

One of the anonymous 26 wasElson Shields, a corn-insect scientist at Cornell University.
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“Was that true?” I asked Shields. “Could you have been doing research on Monsanto grain?”

“Yes,” he said. “We just didn’t know it. I’m a scientist, I don’t speak legalese. Monsanto gets a lot of pain in the public press, but they are the company that interacts the best with public scientists — they have always been on the forefront of pushing public research forward.”
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From David's link, Monsantos statement

As a result, Monsanto introduced the blanket agreement, which allows university scientists to work with Monsanto’s commercial seed products without contacting the company or signing a separate contract. This blanket agreement – the Academic Research License (ARL) – enables academic researchers to do research with commercialized products with as few constraints as possible. ARLs are in place with all major agriculturally-focused US universities – about 100 in total.

The February 2009 comment, and the June 2009 meeting, helped us realize that we can do more to communicate to university researchers the freedom they have to conduct wide-ranging research programs with commercialized Monsanto GM crops. We’ve already begun an extensive outreach effort to share that message with the universities holding an ARL
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