Gimble UFO = Upside Down Jet?


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Hi I was recently wondering (not sure if this was mentioned before) but could the Gimble video just be an upside down jet (specifically the F-16C and yes all military jets can fly upside down)? This would all make sense to me because this would explain the spike underneath the UFO! (BTW I know the image of the jet isn't actually upside down as you could tell by the background, I rotated the original image because this was the best one I could find for comparison.

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Probably not. The shape of the jet seems to be obscured entirely by the rotating glare.


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Update: I've looked into more of your Gimble debunking, and I think your rotating glare theory might still be possible but when I saw you try to recreate the Gimble UFO on twitter it looked nothing like it and I've heard professionals say that they think the craft is indeed rotating (so I'm not sure who to listen to). But at the same time if the glare theory doesn't work all jet planes are designed to rotate, so there is nothing special about the rotation. Also I've decided to post my theory of debunking on Reddit and a lot of people claimed that the UFO doesn't show any heat signature, so maybe perhaps you are seeing the distant jet which I think is an F-16 from the front and not the back (which in this case the rotating glare theory would not be possible)? Also for the witnesses they claimed that they saw the fleet fly in a V-Shape (jet planes usually do fly in v shapes). Also a lot of people on Reddit mentioned the transponders and that they should've been able to be in contact with those jet's? So maybe perhaps those jets were from another country, perhaps spy jets from countries like Russia (also I've heard Gimble witnesses claim that the Gimble UFO was later spotted in Syria so spy jets would indeed make sense)? Not to mention spy jets are not a rare thing at all and is actually pretty common.
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