"Ghostly" image showing up on XBox Kinect 3D IR Scanner.

One night my husband was playing video games. He was using the XBOX with that infrared thing Kinect(?). He was sitting on the couch and decided to switch games, so he got up to switch them. He looked at the TV screen. Now at the time, the kinect showed a box at the bottom of the TV showing what the kinect saw. You know where this is going, he saw a full person still sitting on the couch! He ran upstairs to wake me up. I have NEVER seen him look so scared in the whole time we have been together.
What could that have been? Could it have been his body heat still on the couch? But what about the head and feet? They never touched the couch.

Mick West

Staff member
The simplest explanation is just that the Kinect viewer had a glitch meaning it was either showing an older static image of him sitting on the couch or it was not erasing old data points for a while due to a bug, which created an afterimage.

But then there are a variety of "Kinect Ghost" videos on YouTube. Some are obviously fake. Another seems to be showing a glitch where the person-detecting software is stitching together some random points into a "person." While it seems to me to be obviously just algorithm failure (like computers finding faces in scenes that don't have them) the people in the show take it seriously - but of course it's just a ghost hunting show. Possibly the game in the XBox+Kinect was looking for two players instead of just one - which made it rather aggressively "connect the dots"

Ask your husband if it was like this. And if not, maybe find a YouTube video that is similar.


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