Ghost Cow


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The "Bigfoot" of New Jersey is the Griggstown Cow.

For thirty years there had been a legend of a "ghost cow" that wandered the areas around the Millstone River floodplain and Griggstown. The cow was seen many times but only on foggy nights or other times of poor visibility, and many tales were told by local hunters and hikers along the canal path. No spoor or tracks were ever found. Some fuzzy photographs were even taken, but they were all inconclusive. At the time the area was mostly suburban homes and open fields, and the canal was now a state park and walking trail so reports of a lone, owner-less, cow wandering a suburban park for decades were greeted with suspicion by local authorities.

On Nov. 23, 2002, a New Jersey Water Authority employee phoned the D&R Canal park office to report that he had seen a cow and it was lying in a ravine not far from the canal. The bull, matching the descriptions of the locals, was too weak to get out of the ditch.

Rescuers finally hoisted him out and he was examined by a local veterinarian determined to be too weak to go on and he was euthanized.


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Interesting, though a bull making it to 30 years seems unlikely. A quick Google of "life expectancy cattle" reveals that 25 years would be rare, 20 more normal, but also turned up the Guinness record elderly cow was a 48 year old geezer bovine. So not totally impossible that the same bull haunted NJ for 30 years, but I doubt it. I suspect a coincidental bull appearance, and that any specimen of Bos taurus that turned up would be assumed to be THE Ghost Cow.

I am also not sure that euthanizing the old fellow would be an effective way of ending a ghostly haunting; seems more likely to initiate one.


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First of all, the bigfoot of New Jersey is the Jersey Devil. or...Bigfoot.

so.. Mendel is claiming that a ghost cow who couldn't be photographed (how fast are cows?!), left no tracks (or assumingly dung, hair) was really a corporeal cow they found thirty years later in a ditch?