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Jay Reynolds

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You can see his show at vimeo, and save your $5 for something useful:

I haven't time for it right now, but see that Ainsworth has bought into the "smart meter" stuff now.
"Kook Magnetism", I believe they call it.

Radio waves passing through our minds?
Such delusions.............

Steve Funk

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The film claims that "human evolution took place without any appreciable exposure to electromagnetic radiation . . ." In fact our primary exposure to electromagnetic radiation has always come from the sun, most notably at a frequency of 1017 ​hz. Too much radiation at this frequency gives us skin cancer. Not enough leaves us susceptible to osteoporosis and rickets. Different races have evolved different pigmentation to adapt to this.
The film claims that AC power is to blame. But in frequencies between 107 ​and 1010 ​hz, which encompasses the radio and microwave bands, our main exposure to radiation comes from the cell phone, which is a DC powered device.
Life expectancy in the US has increased by about 28 years since AC electrical power became common. It couldn't be too bad.

My antivirus won't let me into Ainsworth's website to see whatever more detailed arguments he may have, due to a Trojan there. Has anyone else had this problem?

Steve Funk

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His main source of information on EMF or EMR hazards appears to be a paper called "The Bioinitiative Report."
The 29 listed authors all appear to have reasonable credentials. However, the report has been criticized as cherry picking by several sources, The report does not, as far as I can tell, promote the idea that DC is less hazardous in this respect than AC.
As far as I can tell, Edison did not address the issue of EMF radiation. He was concerned about the hazards of accidental electrocution, a totally different subject. He helped develop the electric chair to show how hazardous AC power is.
Wife is gone for the weekend. I might see the show and discussion tomorrow just for the hell of it. If they are really talking up Multiple Wave Oscillators, a device selling for up to $18,000, it will fall into the category of profit making scam.

Steve Funk

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So, after the film there were several presentations. A couple of them were not bad. The music composer, also an acupuncturist, showed some exercises which might be of benefit even if your only problem is sitting too long. A technician gave som practical recommendations for reducing your exposure, mainly by using land line telephones and hard wiring your internet connections. He knew the difference between radio frequency waves and EMF radiation in general.
However, there was also a presentation from a company called EarthCalm ( selling expensive mitigation devices. These devices have been described as scams here: and here: And these are sources that do believe EMF radiation is a health problem.