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On 7/13/13, Dane Wigington published an edition of Geoengineering Watch Radio, an audi file of the interview is downloadable here, a Flash version is here.

The guest was Renzo Celani currently of Oslo, Norway. Though not mentioned specifically in the broadcast, at his website, Celani bills himself as "An Internationally Acclaimed Energy Healer".

Part of his offer is a claim that he can do "Remote Healing", for about $1500.00 USD/ hour.
While not specifically claiming to be able to cure anything, he does come close:

Renzo has helped improve the conditions of patients suffering from MS, cancers, spinal injuries and much more.

In the interview, Celani was prompted by Wigington to describe the conundrum which chemtrails believers have had to overcome. This is the logical question posed when a person asks themselves of toxic material is being sprayed worldwide, how do the people doing this protect themselves and their cohorts?

Celani believes he has found the answer, and described a treatment which he recently had performed in Germany. It is known as Aphoretic Therapy, and is done by removing blood from the veins of the patient, separating out the plasma, returning the cells to the blood stream and filtering the plasma, while continuously returning the filtered plasma to the patient.

This procedure is standard for production of donor plasma for later use in transfusions. In limited cases it has been found medically useful for treatment of a few diseases and as a reatment of last resort. There are considerable risks involved in this procedure, and I haven't been able to find it used in the manner or reasons advocated by Renzo Celani.

I believe that there is a possibility that to subject an otherwise undiagnosed person to this sort of treatment would be found to be malpractice here in the US.

Celani is not alone. Looking over his "references", I found that a US Medical Doctor, Dr Dietrich Klinghardt MD PhD, of Kirkland, Washington State, USA is listed first with a glowing report.

Klinghardt has had previous trouble, and moved his practice to another state. He runs several organizations promoting his medical belief system. This excerpts from one of his publications gives a hint of his claims:

[FONT=Century Gothic said:
Dr Dietrich Klinghardt[/FONT]] I developed a type of biofeedback psychotherapy called applied psycho-neurobiology (APN). The core piece of this approach is the “dialogue with the subconscious mind”. Any type of ART technique can be used to obtain answers and engage in the dialogue (muscle testing, EAV, brainwave biofeedback etc.). The technique is aimed at uncovering any unresolved past traumatic event and processing the material in a way that is healing to both the patient and his/her family. The material is covered in the APN I and II handouts and in the video sets from the APN Seminars.

Again, patients that were poorly responsive or unresponsive to prior treatment with appropriately selected Enderlein remedies and detox agents, responded dramatically by treating the patient first with APN, by unloading emotional material, correcting limiting beliefs and giving opportunity for healing between living and dead family members. In fact, every parameter of their biochemistry, including bio-terrain measurements like tissue and blood ph, osmolality, conductivity but also hormone levels, mineral levels etc. move in a direction toward normal after successful APN treatment. Results are often permanent.

The “disease model” that is emerging from these observations looks as follows:
The symptom is that which is visible or apparent and usually the reason the patient comes to us. Underneath or within it we find most often a chronic infection. Underneath the infection we find the altered milieu, mostly the presence of toxic metals. Underneath the toxic metal, the reason why it is there (other then the obvious necessary exposure), the selection of location, the choice of metal - are all created and guided by the subconscious mind and determined by the type, severity and date of unresolved psycho-emotional trauma or material. and Heavy Metal Toxicity.doc

Kinghardt is definitely financially associated with Celani in Norway. Celani operates the Laser Kinethesiology franchise for 'Team Klinghardt" in Norway, where humas and animals receive "treatment" using a very low powered green laser (they wear no goggles during the treatments), in which the laser is claimed to both diagnose and treat symptoms in an inexplicable pseudoscientific conjunction with homeopathic substances.

Celani's appearance on Wigington's show was not accidental. In my opinion, Wigington has chosen to ally himself with Klinghardt with Celani as middleman.

Judging from these notes taken several months ago during a presentation by Klinghardt, he has been targeting chemtrail believers with his ideas matching the meme already in place:

Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD - Therapeutic Apheresis In the Treatment of Lyme Disease
  • More and more spouses and relatives of Lyme patients testing just as positive for Lyme but are asymptomatic. Who becomes symptomatic?
  • Toxic load that a patient load brings to the table is a major decisive factor. Determined by how much the patient has been exposed to and what their detoxification genetics are like.
  • His angle has always been the toxins were a primary issue.
  • When a patient has Lyme, biotoxins created by the infections easily overwhelm even normal detox pathways and there is no more room to deal with the aluminum, mercury, and other issues.
  • A killing agent leads to release of biotoxins from the microbes that have to be processed by the body through the same pathways as all other toxins.
  • Need to detox first before killing in some people.
  • Even the best detox methods may not be enough to prepare the person for the elimination of the Lyme bugs.
  • Leading practitioner is in Germany doing apheresis. Originally came from Japan.
  • Results in Lyme disease are astounding in chronic, severe cases.
  • Used also for longevity as an anti-aging tool.
  • Apheresis is an off-shoot of blood-letting.
  • Started in Japan in 1980 with observation of sponges in the deep sea that could feed on things that we consider toxic but not feed on things that we consider essential.
  • Filters absorb things that are bad but leave others untouched.
  • It is an off-shoot of dialysis. 2 IV catheters. Blood is taken out from one catheter. Red cells and white cells are then put back in through the other side and the plasma goes through a sponge that absorbs every known toxin. Insecticides, pesticides, heavy metals.
  • Treatment used to remove circulating cancer cells or after chemotherapy to remove chemotherapy residues.
  • Protein bound pathogenic or toxic substances are recognized by the filter and eliminated.
  • There is no need to infuse additional fluids.
  • There is no chemical put into the blood. Sensitive patients can do this.
  • Fantastic results for people with MCS.
  • Removes toxins bound to proteins and haptenes (involved in autoimmune diseases). Removes pro-inflammatory proteins.
  • Removes substances involved in thickened blood and hypercoagulation.
  • Everything the body needs is reintroduced to the body.
  • When you remove toxins from the blood, it creates an osmotic gradient and pulls other toxins into the blood.
  • Filter for virus, mycoplasma, metals, Lyme, environment toxins.
  • In the first treatment, they use a universal filter to see what is coming out of the patient.
  • Removes inflammatory cytokines and immune complexes.
  • The substances that are removed are reportedly enough to kill an elephant.
  • The filtered substances are then evaluated.
  • Blood tests are done before and after the filtration. Showed a positive tests for all 3 types of Lyme disease prior to filtration.
  • Aluminum, barium, and strontium found in one example he showed.
  • Aluminum in conjunction with mercury becomes a significant toxic issue.
  • Fluoride causes a destruction of our intelligence. Dietrich's own fluoride was high possibly due to fluoridation of water in the US.
  • Showed Lp-PLA2 of 253 prior to filtration with reference range < 151. After the filtration, it dropped to 153.
  • One 2 day treatment reduces body burden of toxins by 20% which is enough for hundreds of metabolic enzymes to start working again. The pumps start roaring at full speed and can deal with the rest of the toxins that remain.
  • Aluminum is the most significant co-factor that makes people with Lyme symptomatic vs. those that are asymptomatic.
  • Mentioned geo-engineering as a factor in aluminum and other toxins.
  • Took samples of snow after aerial spraying in Germany and found significant aluminum content.
  • He did a MELISA on aluminum which showed high allergic response to aluminum.
  • GeoEngineering - most planes have sprayers on wings that spray a carpet of aluminum and barium to reflect the sunlight and cool the earth; but at a very high price.
  • Exposure to EMF and chemtrails are the factors that have changed leading people to be more ill.
  • Aluminum does not show up when doing challenge tests as the body cannot eliminate it and the complexing agents used don't work well for aluminum.
  • Measured aluminum and barium in soil and on grass and found hundreds of times more than should be present.
  • Toxic environmental exposures impact horses and cattle; we are all the same animals.
  • His own filtrate showed aspergillus and BPA and toluene (air travel). He did not show any mercury suggesting that his detox protocol for mercury is working well.
  • Removing mercury (which suppresses Lyme) amalgams and replacing with BPA often makes a Lyme person become worse.
  • Sauna and homeopathics can be helpful for detoxing.
  • Extremely effective for MCS and CFS. Removes metals, solvents, dust and fine particles, bacterial and viral toxins.
  • Have had cures of genital herpes and other viruses such as EBV, HHV-6, etc.
  • Removes peroxynitrites from the system. These are a factor in neurological illnesses including ALS.
  • Used for MS, ALS.
  • Study of 8 people showed increase of ATP in mitochondria after only 1 session.
  • Chemofilter eliminates immune complexes, IgE, IgG, IgA, IgM, autoantibodies, CRP, interleukins, metals, fibrinogen, toxic LDL, etc.
  • Indicated for rheumatoid arthritis, macular degeneration, tinnitus, Guillain-Barre, MS, autoimmune diseases, etc.
  • Brain fog disappears, fatigue disappears, within a week after the treatment.
  • Aluminum and barium lead to bouts of high blood pressures.
  • Most people are tired afterwards for about a week. Main benefits come 2-3 weeks afterwards. Suggest doing it once per year. In some cases, may need 2-3 times per year.
  • Will be a game changer for kids but currently do only 11 years and older.
  • Desferal injections can help to remove aluminum. O'Mura has found that miso soup with cilantro can have profound detoxification effects. With a cilantro extract, found that you could decrease lead and aluminum content in 39 days by 50%. Cup of miso soup with fresh cut handful of cilantro every evening. Make a test vial for ART.
  • First day have physical. Treatment 3 hours next morning. Day after one more treatment in the morning. One hour train ride from Prague. Approximately $5,000 for the entire treatment.
  •, Dr. Richard Straube
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At the beginning I thought the angle was going to be Celani charging Morgellons "sufferers" $1500 and hour to remotely heal them from nothing.
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