Geoengineering in Southeastern Pennsylvania


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Last week, Catherine Frompovich wrote a article for Activist Post that claimed recent heavy rain in southeastern Pennsylvania was geoengineered. After looking through archival data on rainfall in the area, the totals don’t come close to historical records. Frompovich’s secondary claims about “scalar clouds” are also unfounded as are claims about crop damage.

I wanted to look at three parts of her claim.

The first deals with rainfall in southeastern PA.

Pennsylvania averages 41 inches of rain each year.

I picked the city of Lancaster as a representative sample site in the southeastern part of the state. It averages slightly more than PA as a whole, 42.81 inches/year.

Penn State University has a good website with historical Lancaster weather data.

The average for May rainfall in Lancaster is about 4 inches.

The record for rain in the month of May was inches in 9.47 inches back in 1989. The highest daily amount was 4.06 inches in 1942.

Millersville University, which is located next to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, also collects local weather data. So far, for the month of May, area rainfall was about two inches above normal and almost three inches for the year

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So, although there slightly more rain, it is not “torrential” or dramatically different by any definition

The second part includes the negative health effects of what Frompovich calls “scalar clouds.”

I found references to the term in physics. They are related to black holes, not weather or climate.

In reality, these are Altocumulus and Altostratus clouds. CT’s also refer to these normal formations as “HAARP clouds.” Earlier Metabunk threads have already discussed the term.

Lastly, there is the “lost” pumpkin crop. I found a good chart from the USDA. The Pennsylvania harvest is slightly down from 2011, but so are the number of acres under cultivation.

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Mike; Thanks, this will help when I get into discussions with the local weather conspiracy buffs.
You are welcome.

Penn State and Millersville University were really helpful. It is a little difficult to find archived weather data.
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