Fukushima vs The Blob


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There is a recent spate of YouTube videos declaring or JAQing if Fukushima is responsible for The Blob.


Evidently radiation can do anything!

Nishihara et al ran the numbers on various parameters of the 3 melted cores and the 4 spent fuel pools including the decay heat:

Here is how the total decay heat of the 3 cores varied over time:

Decay heat units 1-3.png

Integrating the decay heat for the last 4 years yields 178 TJ.

The Blob is 1000 miles in diameter and 300 feet deep. The specific heat capacity of seawater is 3.993 J·g-1​·K-1​.

If the 3 cores at Fukushima had been ejected into the Pacific Star Trek-style at the moment of shutdown and had somehow managed to stay afloat near the surface it would have raised the volume of water of The Blob by 0.00000024° C after 4 years.

Pete Tar

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What's the blob?
(I've seen the movie)

Oh, it's this thing -

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