Fukushima fast light (reflection?)


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This is my first post and still getting the hang of all this so forgive me for not being as up to date as other users. I Saw on yahoo about this video captured by a Japanese weather station of a strange light appearing to move quickly through the sky.

Here is the full yahoo video in Japanese (haven’t seen any English translations and couldn’t get the video only so, unfortunately, had to post the whole video. Still getting the hang of this):


Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/LSiX7qrhys1BH5o2Zd/html5

The light moves what appears to be east to west as the moon is directly above the Iwaki Marine Tower. The winds also seem to be blowing the same direction.

I initially thought it is a car light that is reflected off the camera. I don’t think it’s a meteorite as it moves left to right and appears to go under the clouds. It also brightens and dims quickly so I don’t think it is a plane.

Looking at google maps, there are several roads in and around the Iwaki Marine Tower: https://www.google.com/maps/place/I...x60216ca561a81257:0x99ef9576c9ff8fad?hl=en-us

However, I am not seeing any reflections from cars or other aircraft. Maybe it is some sort of debris from the city that hit the moonlight at the proper angle? So I am not sure right now.

It is a peculiar light and odd. Just thought some people here might be curious as it seems to be getting a bit of media coverage so far in Japan and will probably make its way into English speaking media as well.


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I think its possibly a fast-flying bird that is caught in the lights point upwards around the tower.

As it passes the tower, it dims, which would be consistent with a bird going into the shadow for the tower - which would have three shadows from the steeply upwards pointing floodlights that surround it on three sides.