From Believer to Skeptic Yet Still Republican :)


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This is my first post so let me tell you a little bit about myself.
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So as you can see my debunking history has a lot to do with the hypocritical and mostly emotional world of politics :) I hope to learn a lot from this site and I have already used one of the stories on here on my site.


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Oh and if you didn't know. Some very recent things that I have debunked and will talk about in the future are:

  • Boston Marathon Conspiracy Theories
  • Various Videos made by people I call Paulbots...
  • The Ron Paul 2012 Delegate strategy
  • The Michael Hastings "Assassination"
  • I debunked the Lee Rigby Murder Hoax videos
  • "Tornoadotruthers" from the recent Oklahoma Tornado
  • Boston Martial Law videos that popped up after the Boston Bombing
  • The NewTown conspiracies
  • And a wild theory about the two parties forming what was known as the Romney/Biden Ticket during Hurricane Sandy :rolleyes:
  • Both the Wendy Davis and Rand Paul Filibusters


Closed Account doesn't matter who or what you are, the collective stupidity of the human race will reduce you a quivering mess!

Either that or good luck! :)
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