Former CNN Reporter Expoes CNN Self-Censsorship And Coverup

Accoridng to a former CNN reporter there is a significant levele of censorship and cordinating with the government over what news to rport on to the public as well as organized efforts to suppres some news from the public. This despite the fact that debunkers have told us time and time agina that the idea of the media being controlled has been accurately debunked, what gives? Will it be that this former employee of CNN has some mysterious darl past that will now magically come to light (so as to discredit her) now that shes blown the whistle? If anything I bet thats the story we'll here since thats the most common method used to deal with whistleblowers that could expose the government-media conspiracy.

So what is it debunkers? Is the media actually working with the government to control/censopr news or is there something wrong with this whitsleblower?

Mick West

Staff member
They did not air one documentary. They did not explain why. It was described as "extremely unusual".

Where exactly is the "significant levele of censorship and cordinating with the government" you are describing?
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