Florida Zika Response a "Martial Law Exercise"


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The Daily Sheeple recently portrayed Zika mitigation efforts in Florida as a “martial law exercise,” citing speculation combined with an old and already debunked 2012 Executive Order.

In reality, Florida state health officials, working in concert with the CDC and Miami Dade County have been attempting to address a serious public health problem.

On August 2, 2016, The Daily Sheeple ran the story [my emphasis]:



The article then jumps directly to another website, Health Nut News and segues right into somewhat paranoid speculation [my emphasis]:


A small amount of additional research made a few points clear.

First, the affected area is the Wynwood section of northern Miami. It represents the largest number of cases in Florida, according to the state Department of Health.

Miami Dade.jpg

Second, most of the response so far has been at the state and local level. In point of fact, the federal government has taken a great deal of criticism for its inaction this summer. According to a July 29, 2016 Washington Post story:


The CDC has offered assistance and some federal money is making its way to Florida.

However, preparations across the country seem to be more of a patchwork than anything centrally directed.


Third, there is no military involvement in any of this process. The Florida Department of Health is conducting what it describes as: “door-to-door outreach. Officials are asking for and urine sample collection in the impacted area and will share more details as they become available.”

Lastly, the cited 2012 Executive Order pertains to national emergencies, which the situation in Miami Dade County is not by definition.

I thought the reference sounded familiar and found it in an old Metabunk thread. It seems to be a popular device among the CT crowd.
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