Firefox, incorrect colors.


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I may feel humbled by an easy answer.

Firefox and the rest of my computer disagree.....All photos seen on my computer look close to the original, color-wise......, except when I view them in Firefox. In there, they look nearly B&W.

Both PS and LR are set to sRGB (for now). A 'puter restart does not change anything.
There are tutorials going into Firefox's color management settings, but this should be automatic.

All colors are fine in Explorer, and in every app I have.
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Humble fix (??) monitors because I have a ColorMunki.
See, easy, or maybe not.....

Crap, this looks like spam, it's not. I have dual monitors, there are other good monitor calibration units........and these cal tools are a PITA. Takes about an hour to cal both monitors.
They don't remember color cal for very long. Actually, they are not supposed-to. They are supposed to be re-call'd with monitor age, therefore expire cal at a reasonable point.
At least, that's what I understand.....
....but then rechecking.......both cal'd monitors give bad color results on my Facebook on (current) Firefox.
Internet displays good color on Facebook.
....hmmmm ??
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After monitor calibration, the problem has seemed to recede.
I'll be satisfied with that, unless a better explanation arises.
Thanks, all.
I wonder if employ a software-based monitor cal regime....that it licks-clean any prior monitor settings more often, than say....if no monitor software is installed. (?)

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