Feds Have Secret Room at AT&T To Illegally Intercept Your Private Communications

US Justice Dept issued "2511 letters" immunizing AT&T and others from Wiretap laws

You can read the full story at the below cnet link but in short, the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation) has obtained via FOIAR requests, documents showing that AT&T and others were issued 2511 letters from the Feds to immunize them from wiretapping. That’s because they were working with government to snoop through the private communications of US citizens.

This was first exposed a few years back by a former employee (I can't recall his name) who had seen the secret room at AT&T where the Feds had setup their equipment to tap into protected communications. This is illegal regardless of any so called immunization letter. The Feds can say they gave AT&T a waiver but that’s bogus. Just because you are a government agency that does not empower you with the right to operate outside the law that you expect others to live by and for which you will arrest and detain others if they were to engage in the same law breaking actions.

I don't know if METABUNK./org has already "debunked" the "Feds have secret room with wire tapping equipment at AT&T" conspiracy or not but I;d say this is proof that its no theory but it is a conspiracy between the Federal Governemnt and large service providers to by-pass laws designed tp portect the people from exactly what is being done.

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