Federal Financial Settlements Proves Vaccine Harm


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Mike Adams is basically claiming that settlements obtained from a federal program are evidence of the pervasive threat posed by vaccinations. It is a claim debunked by his own faulty assumptions, existing policy, and statistics.

Adams derived his article from a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) Monthly Statistics Report on the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. (attached) According to Adams:

It is interesting what Adams extrapolates from this information:

First, take note of the fact that Adams simply invented the “100 times larger” estimate and ran with it. The 63,000 vaccine-injured children are a straw man.

Second, no one ever claims vaccines are harmless. The influenza vaccine is listed in the report as having one of the highest incidence of petitions. The CDC website offers a series of health warnings for people considering the vaccine.
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I didn’t review every other vaccine, but I think the same protocols exists for them.

Third, adverse reactions to immunizations do rarely occur. How rarely? The same HHS report cited by Adams actually answers that:

Mike Adams is indulging in unsubstantiated hysteria, not actual facts.


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If any one bothers to read his link to the PDF they can see the bunk. (attached in Opening Post)
So on average less than a third of the petitions have been awarded compensation.

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If any one bothers to read his link to the PDF they can see the bunk. (attached in Opening Post)
But who actually bothers to read?

That is one of the most annoying parts of any conspiracy theory that I find online.

Once you actually read, the half-life of the conspiracy is usually pretty short.

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It's also a question of how serious the events that caused the petition were. For example, in 1976 there was a massive flu scare. Scientists had predicted an extremely virulent flu strain that year, causing the Carter administration to launch a national vaccination initiative offering compensation for any complications as incentive to get vaccinated. As it turned out, scientists were wrong and flu strain that year essentially flopped and nothing out of the ordinary happened. Yet, about 45 million flu vaccines were given in a period of just 10 weeks and adverse health effects, coincident or causal, were allowed compensation.
It was a mess. The most serious adverse effect reported was Guillain-Barre Syndrome.
With the vaccinations in 1976, cases thought to be linked to the flu shots were covered heavily by the media. Now, the link is still not 100% clarified as real or not real but the CDC has this to say about it:
The point is, the details of the cases matter more than how many are reported.