Fake Environmental Dept Chemtrail Notice, Penticton BC


Another blatantly faked piece of 'official' material about chemtrails just flashed past one of my social media streams -

fake chemtrails notice.jpg

In stark contrast to the front page of the city of Penticton's official site here.

The inaccurate claim that trails which persist are not normal is debunked here -http://contrailscience.com/persisting-and-spreading-contrails/

The claims surrounding soil samples etc usually stem from the What In The World Are They Spraying propaganda piece, and are debunked here -

Google and the site for Penticton's authorities show no trace of an 'Environmental Department', or of the named individual in the letter.


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Funny how there is no Environmental Department, no such position as Environmental Department Manager, nor is there a Susan Smith listed on the staff directory for the city of Penticton. Took all of about half a minute to figure that out.

Mick West

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The email address given is for the office of the Premier of British Columbia (Christy Clark). Looks like a ploy to get people to email in photos of contrails.

Seems rather pointless, as surely the government would be in on any supposed conspiracy?


I wonder if impersonating a government official is illegal there. If making someone up is even impersonating someone.


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Found something about it:

Fraudulent chemtrail letter released

by Deborah Pfeiffer - Penticton Correspondent - Story: 95158
Jul 16, 2013 / 3:00 pm

The Penticton RCMP is investigating a fraudulent letter that began circulating in the city on Monday.
According to Sgt. Rick Dellebuur, alert notices regarding hazardous chemtrails were put on vehicles at Shoppers Drug Mart.
The letter has city letterhead, but was not issued by the city.
"There is no environmental department in the city and Penticton did not issue this," he said.
The letter signed by someone named Susan Smith, environmental department manager, states "we are suspecting that unidentified planes are deliberately spraying chemicals over the city of Penticton."
It further covers how to identify hazardous chemtrails and who to contact if you see them.
Dellebuur said they are following up to see who is behind this.
"We are following up on leads," he said. "It's just one of those things out there in this day and age."

UPDATE: Kelowna City Clerk, Stephen Fleming has confirmed the same letter using City of Kelowna letterhead has also been circulated. Fleming says the Kelowna letter was dated June 28 and also bore the signature of Susan Smith. As opposed to directing people to contact the premier, the Kelowna forgery asked people to direct their outrage to the Ministry of Environment. City of Kelowna officials contacted the ministry advising of the letter.


Jay Reynolds

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The civil disobedience starts with pranks and progresses into ever more radical efforts. Eventually there will be naked streakers, then chaining themselves in public places. When nothing changes in response, they end up justifying further radicalization because nothing else has worked.

Ross Marsden

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You have been blocked there.

This one is a good one

Ok please don't laugh, but do u think they could be dropping bugs mixed in these chemtrails? We are seeing bugs we never saw before and tons of them..at least two different kinds that seem new around here. We can not go outside at night anymore or we are bombarded! They are all over our lawn furniture and the ground! It's crazy

  • S NYep gmo misquettoes with west Nile virus for sure! We had major drought last year no rain for over 4 months. No water anywhere around here. But we had massive misquettoes how! This year is wet. So makes more sense, but they do seem big and mean.
    2 hours ago via mobile

  • R VThe japanees in ww2 sent diseased fleas up in hot air balloons released into the jet stream. They finally perfected a way to keep them alive thru altitude probs. and dispersion, when war ended. Several balloons made it to Oregon.
    about an hour ago via mobile · 1

  • S NPlum island was run by nazi scientist that made Lyme des ease put it in ticks to infect the Emmy, we brought him here and wala.

    I need to stay away from there. Someone posted a bee covered in a 'strange dust' and they were off on a tangent about bees being used to spread GNO pollen. They did convince her it was pollen

    And they were off on the 'bio chip's that Must be implanted.

    What is scary to me, is that folks like them have the right to vote and to sit on juries
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Jay Reynolds

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What is scary to me, is that folks like them have the right to vote and to sit on juries
From 1874, my state's constitution(Arkansas) forbade idiots, imbeciles and insane persons from those privileges(Article III, SS 5). Several years ago in their infinite wisdom the people decided to repeal that provision. Atheists are still disqualified from holding public office or testifying in the courts. Go figure.....


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At that link, I get:
"Sorry, this page isn't available
The link you followed may be broken, or the page may have been removed."
Does this mean I have been Blocked from GSW on fb?

Yes it does. Easy one though, sign on with a different name to FB. Or just make a group page with your own name and use that to see. Blocking is "so" effective.


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Plum island was run by nazi scientist that made Lyme des ease put it in ticks to infect the Emmy, we brought him here and wala.

In the internet and jet age, people still find places that around around the corner from them to be exotic and dangerous. I have friends who worked on Plum Island, I had the pleasure of visiting it and had a tour of the whole island including the labs.. It is a beautiful, untouched gem. I hope it is not developed.
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