Facebook group dedicated to spamming contrail science

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Thanks, but I don't think it's anything to worry about - just a facebook group created in anger, but then nothing came of it.


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Following the group creators link back to what appears to be his own youtube channel page www.youtube.com/user/BeyondOrgone here is a fairly predictable series of vid links in his playlists:
  1. In Pot We Trust
  2. RUN FROM THE CURE - Full Version
  3. The Cannabis Hemp Revolution!
  4. The Cannabis Years
  5. The Union: The Business Behind Getting High - Full Movie - High Quality
  6. ondOrgone added to a playlist
    1. [Broken External Image]:[URL]http://i2.ytimg.com/vi/Ew8rkv5sQRU/default.jpg​
      History Channel: Ancient Drugs[/URL]
    2. Psychedelic Mescaline: Last Of The Medicine Men Peyote 1
    3. Psychedelic Mescaline: Last Of The Medicine Men Peyote 2
    4. Sacred Weeds - Amanita Muscaria The Fly Agaric Mushroom
    5. Sacred Weeds - Blue Lilly Flower Power
    6. Sacred Weeds - Henbane The Witches Brew
    7. Sacred Weeds - Salvia Divinorum (Documentary) HQ
    8. Shamanism - Other Worlds - Ayahuasca Documentary
For many chemtrail believers there often seems to be an underlying medically induced paranoia. A gnawing sense of foreboding that needs to find a an imagined threat to fill or explain. Harmless contrails fill the role of the imagined threat admirably.
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