Explained: Statues (Jesus, Gollum, etc.) Inside other ceramic statues

Mick West

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Like Jesus appearing on toast, you sometimes see stories about a figure appearing inside a ceramic statue. Like this example from Facebook today:

Unlike the burnt toast though, this is not just some random swirl that happens to look like a person, it's an actual second statue. It's rather a stretch of wishful thinking though to suggest it's Jesus, as it's clearly a female figure. And in fact looks rather like this angle statue:

But, hey, it's still a miracle right? An angel in a garden gnome? A message from on high?

Unfortunately not. The explanation is incredibly boring - note the angel has no arms and wings. It's a broken statue - just a piece of junk ceramic added to the interior to make the statue weigh more. Once a statue or figurine has been damaged, it's just tossed into the scrap pile, and then used later as filler. Sometimes it's tossed back into the "slip" (the slurry used to coat the inside of the mold) and is not broken down before being re-used. This leads to all kind of interesting combinations.

A Buddha statue with an elephant family inside:

An elephant/tree statue with hello Kitty figures inside:

An angel statue with a Gollum statue inside

An angel with a dragon inside (this site seems convinced there is some occult purpose here)

Santa with a happy dragon inside (thread has discussion of ceramic recycling)
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I'll have to take your word for it.. if someone had said "hey look, its the virgin mary" I could go along with it better lol.. even in that close up the statue looks feminine to me.. but I guess its one of those mind seeing what the mind wants to see kinda thing. Cool analysis either way tho Mick.