Explained: "Quantum Dots" - Storing medical information below the skin’s surface


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The MIT News article confirms that this has been successfully researched, and that the research was funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
From the article:
What do you doubt and what do you need confirmed?

It's probably going to be inadvisable to use this technology in vaccinations aimed at fundamentalist Christians:


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Thanks, I just wanted to make sure it was factual and also the post mentioned (Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination) I wanted to check if that was valid and if there is any more info about it. I did find this article about it but it is only for members. https://stm.sciencemag.org/content/11/523/eaay7162

Who would this be intended for? Is it for third world countries that do not have a means of tracking some people? Is there any information that it could also be used in Western Countries?
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Is there any information that it could also be used in Western Countries?

Why did you post this in the Covid-19 forum? If there is a conspiracy theory revolving around this, then the thread should be about that. explaining the conspiracy theory and the claims of evidence the theory is using.
If you are making up your own conspiracy theory around this technology, then you need to honestly and concisely explain your theory.

random vague claims and speculation about whether "Western Countries" would ever use such a technology, looks like a disingenuous way of spreading conspiracy theories or panic. You said you were from the UK, do you have any evidence the UK is currently considering using this technology on it's population or any part of it's population? If not then there is no reason to assume it might happen anytime soon, so why fret about it?

Metabunk examines "specific claims of evidence". Your MIT article very specifically says, multiple times, it is for

Western Countries have electronic databases.

we also need a link to your twitter screenshot in the Opening Post.


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@Eleora "Developing world" (used in my quote above) and "third world" are synonyms, the former being preferred.

Claim: The devil will potentially use quantum-dot technology to put his mark on mankind, as foretold in the Book of Revelations

The MIT article is evidence that this technology can do that and is capable of being used with a near-universally administered vaccination, such as is expected for Covid-19.

It's kinda hard to debunk the theory as a whole without getting into a theological argument (and many churches have publications online that make the argument that this is theological bunk), but the technical claim is confirmed, I think.
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The "Mark of the Beast" is a constant feature in religious-inspired conspiracy theories. Here's a protest in Texas from two days ago:

Metabunk 2020-04-18 21-33-27.jpg

ID2020 is an NGO that's advocating for the development of an easy-to-use digital ID, of which this quantum dot tattoo is a proposed example (but not, apparently, by ID2020). There's a great overview here, describing the nature and origin, and the Quantum Dot and Texas connection.

(emphasis mine, read the article for more info)

The quantum dot thing is especially attractive to "mark-of-the-beast" folk because it seems like a "tattoo" (it would actually be invisible, except to infrared light, kind of like an invisible ink tattoo). Tattoo's have long been considered the likely form of the "mark", although microchips have been growing popularity over the last two decades. Quantum dots takes the best of both marks.


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The ‘digital certificates’ Gates was referring to are human-implantable ‘QUANTUM-DOT TATTOOS’ that researchers at MIT and Rice University are working on as a way to hold vaccination records.

that's funny. fact check.com mentioned people not understanding what "digital certificates" were and thinking they were these implants , but I didn't really believe people were believing that sort of thing (aside from small populations and youtube channels that use bot type programs for views).

This (biohack website) theory has nothing to do with fundamentalists or the anti-Christ. just regular NWO type stuff.

In fairness the techno jargon can be easily misunderstood by the general public, and whether they "track" your movements through a microchip or through your phone is 6 of one... but a phone tracking system would be oodles cheaper. most importantly it seems conspiracy types are thinking the Quantum-dots would allowing movement tracking. but "tracking"/"tracing" mean different things to different sciences. I just realized Eleona said
means of tracking some people?

the MIT article is not about physical tracking, or even epidemiology vaccination tracking. All it "tracks" is what doses that one child standing in front of the nurse has received already in vaccines. They cant fly a helicopter over a village and see that "only 50% of kids have had their second mmr shot".

bold added for emphasis

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Thanks, I just wanted to make sure it was factual and also the post mentioned (Biocompatible near-infrared quantum dots delivered to the skin by microneedle patches record vaccination) I wanted to check if that was valid and if there is any more info about it.
"Near-infrared quantum dots " sounds like some voodoo science encoding information at the quantum level, but it's simply fluorescent crystals - and specifically tiny crystals that glow in IR when exposed to IR light. They don't record information in the individual dots, it's just a pattern of a fairly small number of dots that can be used as something like a very simple QR code. Far less information than is stored in something like this:
Metabunk 2020-04-19 08-22-41.jpg

It's just a (very quick to apply) simple tattoo


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My apology, I had taken a screenshot of the post from a facebook group not noticing the comment right after it was cut off, it was mentioned that the covid19 vaccine could insert tracking that's why I posted it here.

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There are really two ways that "store their medical data" could work here, with a tattoo:
  1. Tattoo a unique identifying number on the person (a "digital ID") that you would then used to look up their records in a central database.
  2. Tattoo a mark on their skin for each vaccinee they get.
The second one seems to be the intent of the quantum-dot technology. You'd have a simple patch that would implant the mark when you get the tattoo. Ideally, the mark would contain the vaccine, as that would give you a 100% accurate record.

Importantly such marks (in #2) would NOT let you track the person in any way, they just tell you if they had a particular vaccine.


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My apology, I had taken a screenshot of the post from a facebook group not noticing the comment right after it was cut off, it was mentioned that the covid19 vaccine could insert tracking that's why I posted it here.
yes my post in comment #7 above explains that the alleged evidence being used is a forum Bill Gates was speaking at that was specifically about Covid-19.
but storing medical information below skin and physical tracking of Covid people are really 2 very different things. so writing a brief explanation about what your thread is actually about would be super helpful to readers.

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In more depth:

And from the paper, showing the relative sizes of things.
I think a big part of the confusion come about in thinking that a "quantum dot" is one of the resultant dots on the skin
Metabunk 2020-04-19 17-10-32.jpg

But these are the remains of the dissolved needles, the glowing dots are about 0.25mm in size, 250µm, or 250,000nm. They are made up of microspheres that are 15µm, or 15,000 nm in size. Those microspheres are in turn made from "quantum dots" which are very small particles that are about 0.004µm, or 4nm in size
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