Evidence of Prior Knowledge of a Planned Attack

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anna layloria

This video clearly shows the intent and execution of taking over an airline, using so called terrorists, remote controlling the plane and hitting the twin towers 6 months BEFORE the event took place. Please see the video here from 0:00-2:27 .
Although this is "The Lone Gunman" TV series, some hypothesize it is clear foreshadowing of prior knowledge.


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Can you please outline what the video says? I can not watch videos on my computer.

Nothing new -- it's just a montage of scenes from the first episode of the X-Files spinoff The Lone Gunmen.

The claim that this is not coincidental has been floating around for years.


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Can you please outline what the video says? I can not watch videos on my computer.

Lone Gunmen was an X-Files spinoff, where the 3 main guys were exposing conspiracies. In one episode, they were dealing with a plan to hack into an airliners auto pilot, and set it to hit one of the WTC buildings. While the pilots were completely helpless to stop it (because apparently autopilots, like skynet, don't have an off switch).

This is one of about 40 billion so called references to the Sept 11th attacks that some claim proves "Hollywood" knew about the attacks, in advance, and therefore, it's an inside job.

The only people who subscribe to this theory are those that ignore or do not understand the concept of Operational Security. Another of those theories involves the BBC reporting WTC7 falling before it did.

So let's look at this from the perspective of the shadow group "truly" responsible for these attacks. You've got an idea for a false flag attack (remember these references were shown several years in advance), and rather than keeping this super secret operation, you know, secret, you decide to start letting people in the entertainment industry in on it. Because the Wychowsi brothers NEED to know this stuff... (in case you don't know, in The Matrix, Neo's ID expires on Sept 11, 2001 OMG PROOF!)

And while we're at it, we'll also tell the media the whole sequence of events prior, so they... um.... why did we do that again? I can't imagine anyone suggesting that they give out sensitive information like that to the ONE group that almost everyone who had a TV or radio would be watching/listening to LIVE that day, on the off chance that not a single one of them might get a bug up their ass to spill the whole thing, with no way to prevent them, not getting fired from the planning group.

I mean people bring up the fact that Howard Stern said very early that day (I believe before the towers even fell, but I could be mistaken) that he thought Bin Laden was probably responsible, as proof that Howard Stern was in on it. Seriously. Howard Stern FFS.

Seriously, doesn't that make approximately zero sense?

The human brain is very, very good at seeing things that aren,t there. Its what happens when we see things in the clouds, the constelations, even a face in a plate of bacon and eggs. But that isn't a unicorn in the sky, it's just a cloud.


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Do I think WHAT is relevant? That the government may have had prior knowledge of an attack? Well, I think there were warnings, is that what you mean? Cause if you mean did the government know there was going to be an attack ON SEPTEMBER 11, then no.

Are you asking if we think there were remote controlled planes used?
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