Evergreen Air shutting down


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One of the chief whipping boys of the chemtrail movement, the cargo arm of Evergreen International, is about to close at the end of November.


Bad news for the employees but even worse news for the people who believe that Evergreens small fleet of aircraft and ONE 747 fire tanker are involved in Geo Engineering activities or worse.

HAARP offline. Evergreen going.... It is slim pickings for CTers at the moment.

Edit: The company is denying it.. But clearly it is in trouble.


McMinnville, Oregon -- November 8, 2013

As has been previously reported in the press, Evergreen's business has been adversely impacted over the past several years by decreased demand in military spending and weakness in global economic markets. Management has moved to aggressively address these challenges, including through the divestiture of businesses and assets and the significant reduction of secured debt. Evergreen is in discussions with its significant constituencies and is exploring available strategic alternatives with those constituencies. While Evergreen generally does not comment on market rumor or conjecture, rumors that a decision has been made to cease operations at this time are false. Evergreen remains committed to continuing to address the current business environment with its customers.

-Delford M. Smith
Chief Executive Officer,
Evergreen International Aviation, Inc.
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David Fraser

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Evergreen in financial difficulties? With all those patents they own for chemtrail delivery systems they should have coined it in. Guess they were charging pennies for a licence, maybe Monsanto will buy them out? That's a company that knows how to make cash from a patent ;-)


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Obviously worth more as a source of spare parts now. Looking very doubtful that it will ever fly again.

Jay Reynolds

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I'm sure the Believers will be able to spin this to sound like it is related to their meme. I can think of several themes they might use.....