Dylan Avery - Director of the 9/11 Conspiracy Film "Loose Change"

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Dylan Avery's Loose Change is responsible for a lot of people ending up in the 9/11 Truth movement, but now his position on the topic has matured quite a bit.




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Loose change was my ticket into conspiracies.

I already knew about jfk, the moon landing, illuminati, area 51 and such, but mainly through role-playing games. Before the internet there wasn't really this conspiracy community, but RPG nerds liked to fantasize about all kinds of stuff..

For me it's mostly a hobby though, I like to see all the crazy stuff people can imagine.

But I also share Dylan Avery's view.. Something just seemed fishy with 9/11..I didn't really believe all the crazy stuff, it was just odd.

But what I think happened was, 9/11 was the first really global event in the internet age and loose change dropped right around MySpace and the beginning of social media and mainstream online community building..

So it was the first time everybody got to play armchair detective and it was at the right moment to build a community for it.

Today all the armchair detectives are in the comment section of clickbait breaking news articles.. It's not just conspiracy believers.. Everyone does it.. But for most people in this age, the news is presented in a pop drama way, so they click on to the next thing and don't really care about the individual case.

So in a sense I think 9/11 created 2 monsters. The internet armchair detectives who then created the mainstream conspiracy community through Loose Change.

But if that event and movie hadn't done it, something else would.
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