Dutch Government answers chemtrail questions

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Although this is completely in Dutch, I still think it's worth a topic here:


There is a law in the Netherlands by which you can force the government to publicize certain information. This request was done to get information and/or documents about chemtrails. There were four questions, which they all answered, below is a short translation (my excuses for any "Denglish")

Q : The reason why there are chemtrails
A : They give a good explanation about the origin of contrails and how/why the can exist for a longer time.

Q : The frequency of chemtrails.
A : They refer to the Dutch airports for all flight movements. ( I don't think this is completely correct, since there are a lot of flightpaths over the Netherlands for planes never making a stop here.)

Q : The resources/raw materials which are being used.
A : The fuel is kerosine, the raw material of kerosine is derived from petroleum.

Q : Are the planes using a transponder
A : The use of transponders in airplanes in the Netherlands is obliged, with exception of a few areas.

Final Decision:
They can't answer the request to publicize any information from any document, simply because such documents don't exits.

However I don't think the person who requested this information is really satisfied by these answers.

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This answer is not so good. The chemtrail believers may think that they should see all the aircraft on the flightradar.

Yes, it is not completely clear if the answer is fully correct, although it might be the official didn't really understood the question. It is the same for the second question, they refer to the Dutch Airports for information, although I think most contrails are made by planes not taking off/landing here. In this news item they are talking about obliging transponders even for non-motorized airplanes:

It also states that since the 90's there is an obligation for airplanes and helicopters, and that it has expanded to more airplane types and larger areas. They don't say what kind of transponders should be used.

I think the answer mostly is valid for all non-commercial flights, like small aircrafts based in the Netherlands.


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This answer is not so good. The chemtrail believers may think that they should see all the aircraft on the flightradar. The FAQ to ADS-B they don't read: http://www.flightradar24.com/how-it-works

Data as from the FAA we don't have.

Indeed - transponders are not ADSB - all a/c have to have transponders (more or less - microlights operating only in VFR airspace under certain heights do not in at least some countries for example) , but not all a/c have to have ADSB


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Indeed - transponders are not ADSB - all a/c have to have transponders (more or less - microlights operating only in VFR airspace under certain heights do not in at least some countries for example) , but not all a/c have to have ADSB

Yes, that's right, and the answer was also correct - but not good for us. Believers see what they want to see und so they can read that all aircraft would have transponders. The difference to ADS-B is ignored. We have this case again and again - believers see planes that are not visible on flightradar and say, there are unregistered and unmarked planes. This answer supports this although it was of course correct. The respondent apparently didn't know the direction.

In the vicinity of airports we have ATC-data, but they have no meaning for the contrails: http://www.dfs.de/dfs_homepage/de/Flugsicherung/Umwelt/Flugverläufe online/
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