Did NIST lack focus?


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NIST did focus. They focused on FACTS, not 'maybes' and 'could have beens'.

In any good investigation, one follows the facts.

Say you come home and find a window broken.
Step One Broken from inside or outside.
If broken from the outside
a) shape and location
1) Ball or rock
2) Burgler
3) other
and so forth

You Don't jump to a conclusion that it was broken by a sonic boom, even though that is a possibility.


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NIST did focus. They focused on FACTS, not 'maybes' and 'could have beens'.

NIST focused for years on speculative models based on speculative events that happened inside a building that totally collapsed... and all this while ignoring to investigate the physical evidence.
In other words they did focus on speculative 'maybes' & 'could have beens'.
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