Did NIST edit WTC building 7 footage?

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There is a question on the Stack exchange website asking "Did NIST edit WTC building 7 footage"?.

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According to Paul Joseph Watson in this article, NIST, or some other government entity, edited footage of WTC building 7. I'm not convinced of most of the claims, but the video which is in question is clearly edited. One frame, the penthouse on WTC-7 is there, on the next frame it's gone. The smoke and onlookers are also in different positions, and there is a clear jump in the audio.

The video was uploaded by the International Center for 9/11 Studies. They claim on their website they got it from NIST via FOIA request.

Did the government edit this video, and if so, why?
What makes anyone think NIST or the government edited this? It looks like an in-camera edit, meaning the camera was stopped and then someone restarted it when the east penthouse collapsed, and the timecode picked up where it left off. The collapse didn't happen at 17:03, it happened at 17:20.


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Why would NIST or anyone else involved in the 'official story' make such an edit? The fact that the penthouse falls seconds before the rest of the building is crucial to understanding how the building failed. This 'edit' does not help NIST's case.

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There is a question on the Stack exchange website asking "Did NIST edit WTC building 7 footage"?.

Skeptics, Stack exchange
The short answer is, it does not matter, does it? It appears there are other videos available. The Watson article says an edited video proves demolition of WTC 7, and that is not a valid conclusion to support the fantasy of CD. An edited video can't prove demolition, or NIST hiding evidence, there are other videos.

On the side: Some one dug up an 11 year old false information article to get an answer on another skeptic, or what appears to be skeptic web site. Paul Joseph Watson and Infowars, from 11 years ago, not a good source. They spreading lies of explosions in the article. Kind of makes the rest suspect. I started counting lies and false claims in each paragraph, and stopped, it is a waste of time to read propaganda from 9/11 truth Watson, and Infowars. No evidence to support the conclusions of CD. Is there an infowars anywhere now?


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Why would NIST or anyone else involved in the 'official story' make such an edit?
There might be any number of reasons for the recording to be paused.
The reason for the recording to resume was ostensibly the penthouse collapse.
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