Did Gandhi say this?


Just doesn't sound like him to me.

Mick West

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There's no evidence he said it. You can't prove a negative, but it just appeared on the internet and some books of quotes in the last five years or so, so probably not.


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Just doesn't sound like him to me.
i agree that combination of words sounds like a liberal paraphrase job (IMO). But the general gist rings true. Perhaps you can contact a scholar or his families institute, as there are A lot of writings to look through!

the closest I can find so far to any of the word combos is:
One would have to get their hands on the actual 'magazine' to read the full text though.

it seems "Young India" was Gandhi's 'magazine'.
March 18th 1922 he gave this speech regarding punishment for the crimes he is about to be punished for, where he does talk of the administrators 'ignorance'.

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