Depopulation of the Gulf coast


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When using term 'depopulate' in the conspiracy theorist circle, it tends to imply something far more sinister than the article is trying to convey. If people are insistent upon equating 'depopulate' with 'exterminate', there's probably not much you can do to convince them otherwise.


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This is some of BK Lim's posts

"Disaster Capitalism & the blow-outs on the 3rd well (well BE) from 20-23 April 2010.

It was no coincidence that two US Navy (USN) submarines were despatched to the Macondo site on the eve of the 20 April 2010 DWH “accident”. Apparently their covert mission of sinking the Deepwater Horizon (DWH) with a military secret “Death Ray” weapon (also known as Directed Energy Weapon used to dustify 3 WTC buildings in 9/11) was aborted prematurely after puncturing a hole on the DWH helipad. Their real target was one of the two float pontoons (beneath the helipad) in order to sink the burning DWH; the real reason for the mysterious elongated hole on DWH heli-landing deck which had puzzled millions around the globe.

Top BP executives controlling, closely monitoring and video-taping the “blow-out accident” from a few miles away, realised their “objective of breaching the poorly cemented bottom-hole” had not been successful. Oil was not “free flowing” out of the Macondo reservoir as they had eagerly anticipated. This could only mean that initial hydrocarbon influx had to come through the top-hole breaches in the well instead of the “intentionally flawed cement job” at the bottom of the well (bottom-hole). "


"Reminder note: BPGOD 2009 was planned to happen in the thick of the hurricane season. Besides the excuse to rush and spray millions of gallons of Corexit, the hurricane would also help to push the oil onshore on record time. At the same time, the Louisiana caverns storing the toxic wastes, butane and other SPR (strategic Petroleum reserves) were ripe for collapses and explosions. This would have created a “HELL ON EARTH” Armageddon on the Gulf coast. Besides giving enough reasons to forcibly evacuate the whole Gulf coast region, BP would not be “standing alone so naked on the public prosecution stand”. Everything would be blamed on the “terrible weather” and most of the presently glaring flaws would be swept under the “hurricane” carpet. An almost perfect plan which unfortunately did not get off the staring track as we had seen. Otherwise, Agenda 21 and FEMA (Forceful Extermination of Millions of Americans) would have been in full force by now. Divine Intervention?"


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Some do, his theories are pushed to at least one Congress critter, Cong. Markey. It seems that some of his theories showed up in the testimony of a government witness in the BP trial. The BP lawyer sort of dismantled him.

There is at least one active site on FB that features them, Real Coastal Warrior, and one of the plaintiff attorneys, Stuart Smith, relies on them quite a bit for his posts on several sites.

It is somewhat scary how many folks believe his nonsense.

Something I have seen a lot of, on the Gulf Coast sites, is that folks fall for anyone that claims to be an 'authority' that is NOT connected to the government or business. It is seems to be even better, if they are not connected to an university, either.

One of the activists there was 'warned' by a 'doctor' about how dangerous the gulf was. She moved her family out and it seems, she never checked to find out if he was a doctor. He was arrested, after a tornado, I think, in the midwest for posing as a doctor and first responder