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Hi all, new here. Found the forum via googling about the Navy pilot UFO report. Anyway, was curious about your thoughts on this possible perpetual motion machine, described in this WSJ article: The actual claim from the inventor is:

Which seems bizarre because magnets don't store energy. They claim to have [had] at least one powering a [small] shooting range.

They used to have a live feed of one at, but it's been down for a while. So, how might this working? Hidden battery inside the device? Or not an intentional scam, but just a very efficient conventional motor?
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It's either an intentional scam or an unintentional one. It's hard to tell, and really not that important. I wrote this six years ago:

There's a type of scam out there that's been going on for at least 100 years. A company claims to have invented or discovered something that will make a lot of money. Quite often this will be in the field of energy, although we see them more and more in the field of weather control and information technology. The company can demonstrate research, they will often hold one or more patents on the technology, and they will have some kind of prototype that does not actually fully work, but they claim is a demonstration of the proof of concept. They won't reveal all the details, despite having filed patents, because they either don't want people to steal their ideas, or they claim it's too early, and more research needs to be done.

What they are looking for though, is investors. They will talk about the huge potential market, and hence the huge amount of money to be made. They will get people to invest in their company. The technology will go nowhere slowly, and eventually, the principals will withdraw, and the investors will end up with nothing.

The scam works because it's not illegal to be wrong, unless you actually know you are wrong. So if you think you've discovered a form of free energy, it's perfectly legal to set up a company to research and develop the technology. It's quite legal to solicit investment based on what you think is correct science - even if it does turn out to be wrong, and the investors lose all their money. They took a risk, they lost. It's quite legal to pay yourself and the other principals a large salary.

So all you have to do to run such a scam is to never admit you knew it was a scam. You have to pretend you believe in the technology. Then when it fails you simply keep insisting that you thought it worked, and you were sorry you didn't get enough time to work out the kinks.

Then, of course, there are those people who actually ARE convinced that their technology works. There are plenty of people who think they actually have discovered something new, and they just need a bit more research to make money from it.

So which of the two is V3Solar?

I met with V3Solar's CEO, he seemed genuine but did not really understand the science. The scientist was a bit kooky, but also seemed mostly genuine. They no longer exist because their tech was an illusion.

Here, with the Earth Engine, you've got a similar setup. There's a maverick scientist (Danzik) who claims (and perhaps believes) that he has discovered something, and you've got a CEO (Hinz) who has become convinced by the scientist.

I say if they have something, then they could actually demonstrate it. They can't. The conclusion if they have nothing.

I agree with Lincoln. I'd also add that the second refuge of charlatans (intentional or otherwise) is "I'm done demonstrating it, and am moving on to using it."

I'll wait. But I'll also advise potential investors to look at the long history of supposed cheap energy machines, and make decisions appropriately.

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This is a good description of a scenario that's been playing out since the early 19th century at least.

One that I'm familiar with in some detail is Andrea Rossi's Energy Catalyzer, because I used to read the site NextBigFuture. The site owner Brian Wang kept quixotically reporting on this circa 2011. The real drama was in the comments section with most readers being very skeptical and a few very fervent supporters who didn't seem to have any financial interest in the thing but who seemed to have some psychological connection to the idea of free energy.

There were demonstrations galore with scientists "observing" but not conducting the tests or able to examine the apparatus in detail. There were plans for commercial applications continually just on the horizon; including a home water heater.

In this case the inventor was a non-scientist but he got one physicist on his side: the late Sergio Focardi.

This is still going on, and in exactly the same manner:

Apropos to the Earth Engine...

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