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I (and other moderators) sometimes have to delete posts that are either off-topic, violate the posting guidelines, or are excessively impolite. Previously the deleted posts would simply vanish into the ether, which was tidy, however a bit problematic because:

  • The poster might not realize I'd deleted it, and just repost it
  • The poster might not understand why I'd deleted it, so I'd have to give a warning for each post
  • The poster might not see that I'm deleting off-topic posts by other people in the same thread, and so they may feel they are being unfairly targeted.
So, I've changed it so now deleted posts are listed in the place they were posted, with a notation of who deleted it (usually me) and the reason (often abbreviated, OT = Off Topic, PG = Posting Guidelines).


Deleted posts are still in the database, and can be viewed or un-deleted by moderators.

Posts can still be removed without trace (only by administrators, i.e. me), which I generally only do to tidy up a thread, removing a redundant posts, or spam.
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