Debunking the Space Preservation Act 2001 which mentions "Chemtrails"

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It's explained here:
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It's fully referenced. Click the links. Both Webre and Rosin admit they wrote the proposed act. Kucinich never spoke about it ever.


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Kucinich never spoke about it ever.

Yes, and also (I first saw this debunked many, many years ago...elsewhere), it is what I personally would call a sort of "red herring". In the sense that it is a bit deceptive, when some online sources who claim it to be so-called "proof" still continue to cite it.

I think, overall, it was a huge embarrassment for Rep. Kucinich, and certainly torpedoed any future hopes he might have had a run for the Presidency, again. NOT because of any alleged "secret revelations", but because certain members of his staff acted without his direct consent.

<<Place holder>> Today in the car (10 April, 2014 at ~2030 UTC, on an L.A. station KCRW 89.9) I heard a relevant story on NPR, the show called "To The Point". There was an interview with David Keith, among others, on the topic of Climate Change, and any possible solutions....NONE of which (solutions) have yet been implemented.

I am waiting for the Podcast version to be published, in order to link to it.........

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That fact that he even mentioned the word "Chemtrails" just goes to show doesnt it..

It goes to show that the people who write the bill had heard of the chemtrail theory.

They obviously did not really understand it though, as they were discussing "space based" weapons, which is totally unlike what people called "chemtrails" back then (trails that looked like persistent contrail)


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That fact that he even mentioned the word "Chemtrails" just goes to show doesnt it..

I think that it's important to take a step back and understand that there is a HUGE misunderstanding in play, in using such a "generic" term as "chemtrail".

It has become a panacea of sorts....or, maybe a better term is "cornucopia"....(?)

ETA....but, in the common (current) vernacular, it is best described as an "Urban Myth"....or, more modern, "Urban Legend"?

There are many to choose from....Top 25 Urban Legends

(NOT to appear to be distracting from the topic, but it just is a fact that when a subject attracts attention, and then enough people begin to "believe" it, then that 'idea' tends to take on a "life" of its own!!)
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Debunk what? There is nothing to debunk. The word is there. It doesn't say "We're going to kit up every aircraft in the world and spray you all with stuff."
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