Debunker makes a cloudbuster....


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I don't like to cross-post (duplicate a post) from other forums.

Some people claim that cloudbusters really work.
Well, then I want to make one (or 2 or 3) and see for myself.

After all, at my work, we have gallons of resin, handfuls of metal shards, and more.

Yes, this a "challenge" of sorts.
Yes, this is not without bias. I doubt any of them will work.
No, I will not lie if indeed they do work.
Yes, I will document the process, fully.
No, this not rigorous testing.

I am taking a step into their beliefs, and I am willing to "try".
It's somewhat of a goodwill gesture, and an act of an open mind.

Will I get criticism for doing it wrong, if it does not work ?....sure I will.
.....and I'm okay with that.