Debunked: Wikileaks releases unused footage of moon landing (Capricorn One movie scenes)


Has this video been discussed here, I didn't find it by searching.

(see the better quality one below)

Claims to be from Wikileaks which it obviously isn't.

Appeared in the beginning of May in various places and with varying Wikileaks logo/intro. Gullible people appear to eat it all up.

I found an older, much higher quality version without the Wikileaks stuff here:

Creator of this silly little movie?

The video appears to have been constructed using the footage below:

- There are clips taken from the Hollywood production Capricorn One, which you can read about here.

The clips are actually taken from the "Behind the scenes" footage and converted into black and white.



- OSD Histograms which didn't exist in the 60s?
- This image (fake moonlanding photoshop competition) at the top of the page appears at the end with tons of crusty nice effects on top.

Apologies for not including images yet. Pressed for time at the moment. Apologies in advanced if I haven't followed procedures; I'm new here.
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changed your title to Debunked. its obviously spliced footage

from hoax video

from Capricorn One movie.

apparently its been around since at least )Oct 2018
External Quote:
THE DETAILS: A black-and-white video published by the British Daily Star news website in 2018 is described as coming from the “cutting room floor of the film editing department of the Texas State film production company, marked between 1966-1972”and was allegedly “discovered in a shoe box in 2017”. According to the Daily Star, it shows “film crews setting up cameras on a surface that looks identical to the white exterior of the moon.”

But anyone who is familiar with science fiction movie history will recognize this footage immediately: it’s from the production of the 1978 movie Capricorn One, which tells the story of a badly faked human mission to Mars.
There was a thread on AboveTopSecret about this video footage last year, and the youtube channel hosting it took it down when it was pointed out that it was using Capricorn One behind the scenes footage. There have been a couple of attempts to resurrect it since then. It was certainly nothing to do with Wikileaks, the mere mention of which conspiracy lovers lap up unquestioningly because they think it is "on their side".

For the record, here some screenshots of from the original hoax video and the Capricorn one footage I used in that thread:










Even after posting those some people still didn't buy it :rolleyes: