Debunked: "trails only appear over Nato countries"


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It seems to be a common claim that the trails in the sky only occur over densely populated nato countries.
I have read claims that trails never form over China or Russia or Japan or Nepal, South America etc nor over the ocean.
It doesn't really take much effort to search for images of trails above non-nato countries but fact checking is never a strong suit of chemtrail believers.
Here are some pics I took recently of horizon spanning contrails from a passenger jet over the Namib desert above Namib Naukluft national park, one of the most sparsely populated regions on earth. The other pics are taken above Mt Etjo in central Namibia a region with a tiny population but plenty of springbok and giraffes.
I thought perhaps this might be a good place to post links to images for far flung places with contrail overflights to debunk such claims of "spraying" population centres etc.



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I wasn't aware of this claim. I go to Shanghai often and there are contrails everywhere when the conditions are right. Will take photos next time.