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As I was browsing the net, I could not help but see this article:

Asteroid Impact Predicted

WORLD NEWS TOMORROW- Washington DC – The Global Security Threat Analyst Baron Baretzky said in a statement on Friday to media that the number “ONE“ threat we are faced with as mankind is that of an asteroid named 2004-MN4 that is calculated to collide with earth in 2036. —
Baretzky commented and said that the three major space agencies namely , NASA , The Russian Federation space agency and the the South Korean space agency KARI, seems to disagree on the outcome of the threat , however the fact is something is coming, and that’s something you can bank on !
He Said that NASA is downplaying any threat as indicated in their press release ” Friday the 13th, 2029 Asteroid 2004 MN4 will come scarily close to Earth on April 13, 2029, but it will not hit. ( read more) ” but this won’t last for long. Having said that, its however, very unlikely that the Mayan calender would also be wrong.

He says that these kinds of disinformation about 2012 is nothing new in the world of international intelligence agency’s (IIA’s ) , but its time that they take responsibility for their deception methods. ” We live in a day and age where these kinds of deceptions will no longer wash with the general public and global stock markets”. Public today wants the truth and the truth only ! he said.
Baron Baretzky said that this is a very real and verifiable threat and this is a very deep troublesome issue for most European and American agencies. He indicated that the UN is turning a blind eye to the seriousness of this threat and keeps on wining and dining about Global Warming as if it is going out of fashion….. He indicated that Global warming brings more capital to their coffins, whilst knowingly, it is certainly more profitable to focus on the Global warming than the “real issues”.
He indicated that global warming poses a threat far much longer in the future, a 100 years or more, of mankind, than the asteroid heading our way. He complement Professors Michio Kako , theoretical physicist Professor of the City University of New York for his courageous attempts to bring this into the public domain and interest for open debate, but at the same time said that Mass Mind Control is playing against the odds of this threat becoming a what he called “a real” public debate in the very near future. ” Old saying. as long as nobody hear, see or do anything it will not get public’s attention till it happens” Old policy he said.
According to Russian scientists who spoke to WNT World News Tomorrow corresponding offices in Russia, the asteroid will have an disastrous effect of some kind in the first return during 2029 but a final impact is expected upon its return on the 13 April 2036 the exact same day as the first encounter. They explained that during the asteroids visit in 2029 the sea could raise at some geographical places as much as several hundred meters as result of its tail and atmospheric influences on the earth as it passes the planet by approximation of less than 9000 miles close to the earth, but nobody really knows what will happen on that day.
The expected first effects would occur in northern Europe and most likely northern part of Germany, It’s also predicted that it could destroy as much as 1/3 of all artificial satellites in orbit knocking out all communications for several years on global scale. Scary stuff it seems.
NASA would not comment to World News Tomorrow and holds its position that it poses a small risk but would not say what is meant by a “Small Risk“. NASA has a track record for withholding information such as the small comet detected in 2009 that hit earth in leas than 48 hours in the American desert and the 2009-FH that flew close to Earth on March 17, 2009.
The Fact’s
If, according to NASA, it poses a ‘small risk”, then we should ask what is this kind of small risk ? According to some specialist we could assume that the asteroid would with a 100% probability collide with some satellites in orbit which will almost certainly make an impact on its course, and if that is not enough, pulled by the gravity of the earth that will pull it closer to earth and possibly collide with earth at estimated impact of a 100 000 Hiroshima nuclear bombs. So which ever way, it will be disastrous for live on planet earth as we know it. Thus we can now see why this threat is on a secret nose weeks agenda, the things you are not suppose to know !
Baretzky commented and said that this threat is well known to the certain global threat analysts and that some corporations have been spending billion of dollars in building under ground bunkers such as the one in the picture build East of Los Angeles in the desert Mojave High Desert where some has sold a space for over a $1 Million a seat to the super rich.

Perhaps this would explain why the are building so long in advance. Baretzky said that this would be become a growing mufti million dollar business for some and the fate of others. Baron Baretzky is renowned as a global threat analyst and have made is debut with exposing the corrupted diamond industry in Africa.

He also successfully predicted he Japanese black Monday 8 month prior to it happening that cost the Japanese stock exchange $1.2 trillion dollars in losses whilst Bloomberg played down his predictions as no value and broke the silence of UFO disclosure during 2012.
He said that the Mayan Calender were recalculated by the Counter Intelligence Agency Asian Desk and its was found that the real Mayan calendar is not ending on December 2012 but closer to 2029 and this cannot be a coincidence. Baretzky urged all Mayan researchers to go back to their drawing boards and take in account the dates we have and the 365 - 4 year extra day cycle that will, if calculated correctly, end with an approximation 24 year difference closer to 2029. Did the Mayans perhaps knew about this asteroid 2004- MN4 , Is this the reason for the Spanish inquest ?
An Interesting find is that the Notorious Einstein also predicted the world to come to an end in 2027 and seemingly his words were also silenced by NASA in recent years. Apparently he used a similar method in date calculations by using older calendars’ rather than our modern day calendars dated 2013
Real or not, doomsday seems to gloom in the future and its seems that the world will come to an end at some point and time, Not by a Biblical Prophecy, but by fact of nature that some will call, the will of GoD. Now we can all ask ourselves ”

On with the debunking: The asteroid isn't called 2004- MN4 anymore, it's called 99942 Apophis.

Back in 2004, the asteroid came pretty close to hit us; it was in a 1 out 300 chance of hitting us, and then to 1 out of 42 of hitting us, which is usually high. This report by Nasa got lots of news coverage, no downplaying here. Second, when the asteroid comes in 2029, it isn't incredibly close, it will be at 19, 400 miles away. It was once said that the asteroid was supposed to get really close, to the point where you could see it to the naked eye or with a set of binoculars, but after further research, it was concluded that it had a low percent change of hitting, with a big 0 on the Torino scale, which leads us to 2036.

IN the article, it mentions that the asteroid will hit (100%) and cause doomsday. first off:

this is the impact probability of 2036, straight from NASA:

[h=3]Impact Probability: 9.1e-08[/h]
0.000009100% chance of Earth impact
1 in 10,989,000 chance
99.99999090% chance the asteroid will miss the Earth

Second, if the asteroid would hit, it wouldn't be 'doomsday':
The exact effects of any impact would vary based on the asteroid's composition, and the location and angle of impact. Any impact would be extremely detrimental to an area of thousands of square kilometers, but would be unlikely to have long-lasting global effects, such as the initiation of an impact winter
Now, where do these guys get their sources? IN the article, they say: "A group of Russian scientists". Not very convincing. As of Baron Baretzky? he never said that the asteroid would hit us, and he's a musician. (At least I couldn't find one, if a couple of google searches and a wikiquote search doesn't do it, what will?) Not to mention that the article is full of grammatical errors (the fact's?!) And that whole thing that the Mayan Calendar is ending on a different date is pure Baloney. (honestly, I don't feel the need to talk about that, because it has been debunked countless times, and 2012 has passed, for $H!% sakes.)

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