Debunked - Texas Public Educations Secret CSCOPE Curriculum

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In a nutshell the Texas Public Education has a curriculum called CSCOPE that had previously been kept secret. How was it secret? Its secret because teachers would have been exposed to criminal penalties for sharing CSCOPE lesson contents with parents. Regardless of what was being taught in tis curriculum its just an example of how arrogant government has gotten especially in public education, The idea that they would expose teachers to criminal penalties if they let parents know what was being taught in CSCOPE. So what was taught CSCOPE?

Some of the more controversial things in CSCOPE that have claimed to have been removed since this was exposed include:

Teaching that the Tea Party was an act of terrorism
Christians are cannibals
Forcing students to draw socialist flags while imagining a new socialist country

I’m very interested to hear what kind of excuses some will make for why this was no big deal or how this is an isolated incident. There’s no telling how many similar programs exist in other states with similar threats of criminal penalties.

No matter how you dress it up and try to justify it, CSCOPE was an attempt by the public education system (which is funded by taxpayers ) to keep secret from parents, material that leaders in public education knew were sensitive and might raise some controversy so they threatened the teachers with criminal prosecution to be quiet. The CSCOPE curriculum goes to prove what Charlotte Iserbyt warned about in her book The Dumbing Down Of America.

Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt is an American freelance writer and whistleblower who served as a Senior Policy Advisor in the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), U.S. Department of Education during the first term of U.S. President Ronald Reagan, and staff employee of the US State Department (South Africa, Belgium, South Korea). She attended Dana Hall preparatory school and Katharine Gibbs College in New York City, where she studied business. Her father and grandfather were Yale University graduates and members of the Skull and Bones secret society.

Let the excuses/debunking begin.


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^ Just one correction/clarification...the alleged curriculum said that the Boston Tea Party was an act of terrorism...not the political party of today.

this is what CSCOPE had to say about that reference:



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Well, I looked around on the internet, I think that this should be pretty conclusive:


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I don't really see why this of all things should be considered evidence of a corrupted and insidious school system. I caught a documentary the other night called 'What's the matter with Kansas?', about how Kansas, once a very 'liberal' and forward-thinking state, has become highly conservative, and how the driving force behind that is the exploitation of religious communities in politics, encouraging people to make ignorant political decisions for religious reasons that entirely swindled their community out of responsible leadership. One family in particular, highly religious home-schoolers, were being swindled left and right throughout; financially by their Church, which talked them into investing heavily in a Western-themed amusement park that went bankrupt before it opened. Their teenaged daughter was severely excited about the 'christian college' she'd be attending, convinced in evident naivety it would land her a position in the white-house, because George Bush Jr. had attended that same school. What was taught in the school itself was often laughable were it not so intellectually offensive, but it was a private institution and doesn't represent the majority of schools in Kansas. Still, prior to her attendance, her and her family go on a trip to the 'creationist museum', a true joke of an establishment in which religious history (i.e 5k year old universe) is taught, featuring numerous exceedingly impressive (and highly expensive looking) animatronic displays featuring cave-men and dinosaurs chilling out together Flintstones style. They then had a sit-down and talk with a supposed 'astrophysicist', who explained in fast, authoritative and official sounding language why all his 'peers' in his profession were wrong, and all the evidence suggests the Earth, and in fact the universe, is only 5000 years old. He suggested she'd likely go on to learn about all this further at her school. This terribly malicious bullshit and its exceedingly well-funded shovelers are actively encouraging a culture of ignorance, and it's doing so by exploiting people of faith. Kansas school-boards are now largely under the sway of these groups, and pressure is constant to modify the curriculum, votes having passed which had schools removing evolution from their science curriculum, and encouraging religious doctrines about creation be taught in its place.

The foul-mouthed old fellow in the last minute is the breath of fresh air of the film, an eccentric artist and a brilliant straight-talker who sums up the absurdity of the political scene in Kansas, and the effect it's having on education. I encourage anyone out there to give it a watch, though documentaries seem to get a bit of a bad rap here.


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I live in Texas and a curriculum like that would never be considered here. One that taught that God created the world in 7 days would be more likely.

And BTW, the Boston Tea Party was either an act of vandalism or terrorism. Even the good guys sometimes use nasty tactics to make their point. The bombing of the King David is more recent example.

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Why would they need to make up stuff about Texas. Isn't the truth bad enough... The Washington Post

The 2012 Republican Party of Texas platform on education.

Mick West

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Forcing students to draw socialist flags while imagining a new socialist country

What's wrong with this:

You think that's going to turn them into socialists?

Given the various explanations above, I'm marking this as debunked.


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Yeah.... education is in a sorry state in North America almost across the board. College is crazy-expensive here in Canada, but the government has some pretty decent programs in place to give students a break, and prices/loan schemes are nothing like what they are in the States, which are mind-boggling. The horror stories I've heard coming out of the states involving student loans are really rather chilling, not just in their content but in their startling abundance. The efforts to push the objective of education away from everything but the most base job-skills is increasingly obvious, and all the more ominous for it.

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They oppose critical thinking skills? I'm speechless.

Yup speechless. Follow the link I posted to the pdf file to check out their stance on "Controversial Theories", sex education and homosexuality. In the words of one loudmouth YouTuber, "These people have become so brazenly stupid, that they no longer even try to hide their evil agenda.":)


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As far as K-12 education goes, some areas have really stellar public schooling. Unfortunately they tend to be wealthier areas where there are more tax dollars spent on education...

Also, Grieves: I don't think YouTube embeds work here, or maybe Google is having trouble serving it for some reason.... can't see your video, but would like to.


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What's wrong with this:

You think that's going to turn them into socialists?

I remember doing something similar to this when we were studying WWII back in primary school in the 1970s, and having all those kids studying socialism didn't turn New Zealand into ... oh ... wait. ;)


What's wrong with this:

You think that's going to turn them into socialists?

Given the various explanations above, I'm marking this as debunked.

I recall reading a short story on the theme of teachers after a communist coup, getting the school children to voluntarily burn the national flag. I thought it was a short story at the end of a novel and was called 'the flag'. I thought it was Orwell but apparently it wasn't. Does anyone recall it?
What's wrong with this:

You think that's going to turn them into socialists?

Given the various explanations above, I'm marking this as debunked.

Sorry Mick but this has not been debunked. Every counter point so far has taken the stance of:

1) Nothing Happened, it’s all a lie made up by WND

2) Yeah SCOPE is real but there’s nothing in it that is a problem

Fact is SCOPE is REAL and teachers were in fact threatened with prosecution if they revealed any part of the curriculum to parents. Now regardless of what is in the program the fact that the school did NOT want parents to be able to see what’s in the curriculum is enough to raise caution and that’s exactly what happened when Senator Dan Patrick launched his investigation into the matter.

You can argue that what SCOPE was teaching is OK and while I would disagree I would agree that it alone is not enough to warrant cause for alarm. My concern comes from the attempts to keep information from parents about what is being taught. That’s something that every one of you should be concerned with.
If this is debunked why then was there a senator lead investigation into the matter and why then why did CSCOPE agree to the changes? If there was nothing wrong then why the need to change?
I also noticed no one tried to debunk or deny the existence of or the qualification of Katherine Iserbyt and her book the Dumbing Down Of America.


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Blue Collar, I live in Texas and Texas is more likely to teach that cavemen hunted dinosaurs, than ANY Communist agenda. I am going to check with a friend that is a teacher and find out more about this.

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teachers were in fact threatened with prosecution if they revealed any part of the curriculum to parents.

Can you back that up? What EXACTLY was the situation? Your wnd article says:

From what I can gather that sounds like a rather strict interpretation of the boilerplate terms-of-use, rather than something that was actually intended. Can you find a teacher who was threatened with prosecution?

It's a bit like when someone looks at the TOS for a web site (like Metabunk) and find it says:
And they start saying "OMG, Metabunk owns everything I've ever written!!!"

So were teachers threatened? Of was it just something in the terms of service?
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From their FAQ:

Which sounds like a clarification of a misunderstanding.
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