Debunked: Secrets of Prometheus Film Leaked - Alex Jones

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This video contains Alex Jones saying he's got a copy of the script for Prometheus, that it reveals something about the illuminati.

He talks about ancient aliens, and there's the usual GMO fear-mongering, but he reveals himself as a fraud by saying:

By the 1870s T.H. Huxley group and their X-Club was dominating the Royal Society in England. The dominent theory within the X-Club was that humans had been seeded here, along with most other life forms by advanced beings from space. From the inception of Darwins theory on the origin of species, evolutionary scientists never believed for a minute that life simply started on its own, that evolution is not some random slow system developing by chance, but is actually directed by off-world seeders, terraformers, creators of worlds.

This is total nonsense. The X-Club was a social group of scientists. They promoted Dawinism, but were not in any way cheerleaders for panspermia (the theory that life came from off-planet).

The X Club was a dining club of nine men who supported the theories of natural selection and academic liberalism in late 19th-century England.
The X Club came together during a period of turbulent conflict in both science and religion in Victorian England. The publication in 1859 ofCharles Darwin's book On the Origin of Species through Natural Selection brought a storm of argument, with the scientific establishment of wealthy amateurs and clerical naturalists as well as the Church of England attacking this new development. Since the start of the century they had seen evolutionism as an assault on the divinely ordained aristocratic social order. On the other side, Darwin's ideas on evolution were welcomed by liberal theologians and by a new generation of salaried professional scientists; the men who would later come to form the X Club supported Darwin, and saw his work as a great stride in the struggle for freedom from clerical interference in science.

And that life "simply started on its own" is exactly what most evolutionary scientists thing. It's by far the most common theory.

Abiogenesis (pronounced /ˌeɪbaɪ.ɵˈdʒɛnɨsɪs/ ay-by-oh-jen-ə-siss) or biopoiesis is the study of how biological life could arise from inorganic matter through natural processes. In particular, the term usually refers to the processes by which life on Earth may have arisen. The geologic era in which abiogenesis took place likely was the Eoarchean era, i.e. the time after the Hadean era in which the Earth was essentially molten.

Most amino acids, often called "the building blocks of life", can form via natural chemical reactions unrelated to life, as demonstrated in the Miller–Urey experiment and similar experiments that involved simulating some of the hypothetical conditions of the early Earth in a laboratory.[1] Other equally fundamental biochemicals, such as nucleotides andsaccharides can arise in similar ways. In all living things, these biochemicals are organized into more complex molecules, including macromolecules, such as proteins,polysaccharides, and nucleic acids. These three molecules are essential for all life functions and make up all living organisms. The construction of these macromolecules is mediated by nucleic acids and enzymes, that are themselves synthesized through biochemical pathways catalysed largely by proteins. Which of these various classes of organic molecules first arose, and how they formed the first life, is a major topic in the discipline of abiogenesis.

Jones is simply trying to create an alternative narrative to promote his particular brand of conspiracy theory.


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From the inception of Darwins theory on the origin of species, evolutionary scientists never believed for a minute that life simply started on its own, that evolution is not some random slow system developing by chance, but is actually directed by off-world seeders, terraformers, creators of worlds.

If you ignore everything else and just read what I highlighted in bold he is right. But I'm being funny by highlighting that because that isn't what he meant. That "not" is there by mistake.

What he means is actually total silliness and illustrates that he doesn't know much about biology and biologists or/and he's assuming that his followers were too busy smoking pot to pay any attention in school. Maybe you've got to reach some grand wizard level of evolutionary biology before they let you in on the secret but I'm a professional in the field and nobody entertains the idea of "
off-world seeders, terraformers, creators of worlds" in any serious capacity. There's been some weak and unsupported "what if" type speculation about extra-terrestrial bacteria as a kick start but all molecular and fossil and morphological evidence gathered to date supports descent with modification via mutation and selection regardless of what was or where from the proto-cell and we've no indication that the proto-cell was from off this planet. His idea of deliberate seeding, terrarforming, creationism reflects nothing in biology of which I'm aware.

The really odd thing about the excerpt is that he elevates evolutionary scientists to that mystical level of the "them" that's been pulling the strings behind the curtain until those that are really "awake" pop around to expose them. I don't know. That's just absurd to me.


Mick West

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That's why he tosses in the X-Club, as back then gentlemen scientists were often in the "elite" to a degree.


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To a degree.

Darwin and his contemporaries in science weren't paupers and could probably be considered leisure class. They did have the means to indulge in pondering their belly buttons withing dieing of starvation as a result. But they weren't exactly industrialist insiders. Yeah, they weren't rank and file. But they weren't then and haven't been since the bestest budies of folks like the Bush clan.
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