Debunked: Sarah Palin Calls For Executing Democratic ‘Cheaters’ On Election Day

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In a widely shared article, Addicting Info writer Steven Foster claimed that Sarah Palin was threatening to kill people who comitted election fraud.
Sarah Palin agrees with Donald Trump that Democrats will somehow cheat to help Hillary Clinton win on Election Day, and her final solution is to kill them.
Palin echoed Trump supporters with the following threat.

“Trump gave potential cheaters fair warning that we’ll not give them any quarter,” she wrote. “We’ll hold them accountable. They’d better be on their toes. Cheaters will not win.”

You might point out that Palin didn’t use the words “execute” or “kill,” however, she specifically said that “we’ll not give them any quarter.”

“No quarter is a term that is defined as follows:

In war, a victor gives no quarter (or takes no prisoners) when the victor shows no clemency or mercy and refuses to spare the life of a vanquished opponent in return for their surrender at discretion (unconditional surrender).​

So, yes, Sarah Palin is among the Trump supporters who are threatening violent rebellion if the election does not go Trump’s way.
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This is just flat wrong, a seemingly deliberate misinterpretation to stiff up anger. The term "no quarter" does mean refusing to spare the life of an opponent who unconditionally surrenders in warfare - but this is an archaic usage, referring to something that was declared a war crime 100 years ago, and only applies to the surrender of a wartime opponent.

In modern usage, and in non-military settings, the term "no quarter" is used figuratively to mean "no mercy", "no leniency", or "no concession". Examples:
But Romney, whose campaign also released in Iowa a 60-second ad with soaring patriotic themes, spared President Barack Obama no quarter Thursday as he looked to frame the coming election in dramatic overtones.
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The Wall Street Journal editorial page gives no quarter to Foley and says the leadership handled the situation poorly
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Asked by Thursday what lesson Democrats could apply from her victory, Landrieu said, “We gave no quarter when they attacked — and they attacked viciously, personally. Every time they punched, we punched back twice as hard.”
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(Note the "punching" there is figurative also)

There are even multiple examples from AddictingInfo:

Katherine Haenschen, at the Burnt Orange Report, rightly states:
“… this anti-woman attitude deserves no quarter in the Democratic Party"
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The American Conservative says this:
Church leaders who make room for this garbage under the guise of “relevance” and “inclusiveness” are signing their own death warrant, and the rest of us should give no quarter to this contagion.”
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