Debunked: Renowned Physician Sounds The Alarm On Climate Engineering

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In an article on, former chemistry professor (not a physician) and writer on "anti-aging", Han J. Kugler, wrote what was described by Dane Wigington as "a very clear assessment of the dangers posed by geoengineering."

However it seems to be quite the opposite. While he does touch upon some valid concerns (like the problems of CO2 causing global warming, the underutilization of solar energy, the profiteering of oil companies, and potential negative effects of geoengineering, should it ever be deployed), ultimately the only source of "evidence" that Kugler presents is a satirical article pretending to be an interview with Edward Snowden:

This is what Kugler had to say about this fake interview
And thats where – AS WE, AND SCIENTISTS UNAFFECTED BY MONEYED INTERESTS, SEE IT – common-sense science is drowned out by politics, and pseudo-scientific lunacy, attempting shortcuts – Geoengineering – that (according to an interview in the CHRONICLE with Edward Snowden) have been going on for years now, has caused climate disasters (decimated the S-Dakota cattle industry by inducing a sub-zero temperature ice storm that killed thousands of cattle), is counterproductive to established anti-climate-change measures already taken (if you have solar panels on your house, it reduces electricity production by about 20%; does anybody reimburse you for this loss? It also increases deadly UV radiation, burns the bark off trees, and destroys ozone).
THE PSEUDO-SCIENCE, also referred to as “Chemtrails”, “Geoengineering” – practiced, as per a Chronicle interview with Edward Snowden for years now, and with Government blessings, by Frankenstein-type VOODOO practitioners – motivated not by science facts, but by moneyed interests. Those know-nothing know-it-alls also deny basic physics (that bottom-line energy has to be accounted for, it violates laws of thermodynamics, and that – as screwed up by geoengineering weather modification mechanics, if you cool one part of the world, another will warm, and increase in temperature).
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The problem is there is no interview with Snowden on "chemtrails". The web site "The Internet Chronicle" is a satire site, like The Onion. More details of this hoax can be found here:

Kugler's suggestion that "if you cool one part of the world, another will warm," demonstrates that he does not really understand the geoengineering proposals (none of which are even at the testing phase), as SRM geoengineering reflects the Sun's radiation back into space, and so cooling one area does NOT warm another.

The end of the article reads more like an infomercial for his books:
And if you finally recognized that your participation in this WAR OF GOOD AGAINST EVIL could help to shift the balance, get strong and fit first: Dr. Kugler’s “LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to control your genes to stay young with age”, originally $ 18.95, is now available as health education project e-book for the non-profit price of $ 1.99. and check out
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The end of the article reads more like an infomercial for his books:

And....this is likely a reason for this to have been posted, online.

More and more it's becoming apparent that although the Internet is a valuable resource, the ability to discern "bunk" is a skill that must be instilled and learned.

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Just saw this pseudo-press release from Kugler:

Geoengineering – Chemtrails, SRM (solar radiation management), weather modification -sustained with excuses that range from pseudo-scientific VooDoo - "a countermeasure to GW" – to denial -"just contrails" - , is CLEARLY documented as a major, if not THE, cause of the worsening, earth-destructing, downhill Global Warming Spiral.

Please note that we – Hans Kugler, PhD, and IAAM, in a 2015 overview of GW (Global Warming) – expressed severe concerns about Chemtrail spraying, and classified it as "pseudo-scientific VooDoo", and "the Climate Change blunder of the century". Global Warming – the science, EXTREME urgency to take countermeasures, and associated blunders – are very basic and easily explained. . Recent disclosures from Italian scientists, US and German health professionals and pilots, prove us "Right On The Money" (in many ways, referring to the greed-based Special Interests actions that are ripping us off, destroying this planet, inducing diseases, and accelerating GW, ) as summarized below.
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