Debunked: Remote “Electromagnetic Warfare” weather modification testing facility.

M Bornong

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As shown here, and in this more recent post on her facebook,!/madisonstar.moon/posts/337033253094082 Madisonstar Moon definitely follows this forum, but has made it clear that she has no interest in a dialogue. I find this unfortunate. I'd really like to know how obvious photoshops, such as this,

with a simple google image search you find it comes from a web site for a photoshop contest,, many of the artists, including this one, give you the source images, How does this further your cause?
Are your research techniques really this poor, or is your misinformation deliberate?
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I wonder if she would have anyone here as a guest on her radio blog show.
Call me crazy but, I could almost see that as possible, her promoting "get ready for the shill" an attractant for her show.
Hey Madison.....invite one of us for your show.


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I sort of get the feeling that she is young, early 20s at the oldest. And we know that she doesn't follow up on anything she posts to get more information on it.


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I sort of get the feeling that she is young, early 20s at the oldest. And we know that she doesn't follow up on anything she posts to get more information on it.

I have known people like this before.
They discover something new to themselves, and assume it must be new to everyone else as well.
The people I know, have highly addictive all aspects of their life, not excluding substance abuse.
I'm not suggesting she is down that route. I wouldn't know that.

It's that from my experience, (and I was an abuser once too), people who easily latch-on to an idea and go full-frontal overboard despite sensible suggestions they step back and pause, find
themselves so deep in denial, that it's difficult to turn back.
This makes it extremely difficult to admit their mistakes, as they are already of the "I'm right, and I know it" personality-type.
If and when they do change direction, it is often a sharp turn,.....leading to another addiction of a very different idea.

A life-long friend of mine is just this way....Drinking led to Crack and Speed, then militant AA member, then devout Jew, then devout Christian, then devout Atheist.....etc....always on a soap-box, always chasing the world as she sees it....
But still, she is a wonderful person....seeking a truth.
No one can fault a person from seeking a truth.
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David Fraser

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Is there a European equivalent of the dollar menu?
I have no idea. We still have the pound. I tend not to cross the Channel as it seems to be full of foreigners who refuse to speak English. Once the NWO comes in we will sort that out ;-)

Pete Tar

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That's pretty funny, I guess the file numbers that were ascribed to those pictures no longer refer to the correct ones.


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This is a thread from over one year ago, that is now "re-activated"?

I saw the title, and my "Star Trek" ears 'zeroed in'. (Sorry). All I saw was "Electromagnetic Warfare"......

....the rest? Well, the posts above explain. (BUT? If anyone out there wishes to "invent" some sort of
"Star Trekish" EM shield, as posited on the TV series and in the films? PLEASE, by all means!! We've seen
the results already, of Science Fiction ideas that have actually been engineered into actual devices.

I see zombies on the sidewalk, face-down into their "smartphones"....THAT'S a "start" (??)

Mick West

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Huh, have the photos posted on TWCobra's message (#17) been replaced ? I am fairly sure from the context that's not what he originally put. (Just look, you'll see what I mean)“electromagnetic-warfare”-weather-modification-testing-facility.1996/#post-54339

It looks like they were images from google search results. They were supposed to be cached anyway. I think there was a bit of a bug in the code back then which meant they were overwritten next time someone put up some similar images.
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