Debunked: Radar Waves Affect Clouds


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The radar images in the video come from the Australian Bureau of Meterology.

Learmonth Radar (currently offline)

Serpentine Radar (near Perth)


From the same page:
In January, Australia (especially Western Australia) was hot and dry, remember the bush fires? That's another indication that these "clouds" weren't really there.
Note that there was no rainfall observed on and around the 8th, and cloud cover was 0/8 to 1/8 only.

Observe that the West coast was dry the whole month.

I didn't look for a satellite image, but the times are logged on the images in the screenshot from the video, so it'd be easy to check if you have access to an archive.
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Hey guys can you help me out on identifying anomalies on Doppler weather radar? There is a Space Command radar within about 15 miles NE of me but I do not think that is causing the glitches I see. There is a weather radar about 30 miles away to the East and North near the Chattahoochee river that I can not find info. on. I see squares or rectangle on radar usually lasting either 6 minutes or 12 to 13 minutes then they disappear.


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On the third and fourth photo I went outside to look. The weather radar said no rain but I looked up it was overcast and heard thunder coming from the area of the rectangle. One night three of the rectangles looked like they were moving in a search pattern?


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You can see that the Doppler system is located in the center of your Ponce De Leon screen cap because of the radial nature of the clouds. Raw weather radar requires a lot of processing for easy interpretation.

What App are you using? The data appears to be fairly raw, which tends to produce rectangles and ghosts. Highly processed data smoothes out the edges by comparing reflections in adjacent cells and flagging them on a scale instead of just “cloudy” or “not”. It’s more complicated than that, but get the general idea. Some Apps have an option to turn smoothing on or off and most of the small and square clouds vanish when you turn it on.

Anyway, a small intense storm will show up as a rectangle when the “pixels” are flagged as cloudy or not. Ghosts are reflections that aren’t there, or are in the wrong place, as in the OP.
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