Debunked: Over 30 Percent Of Americans Have An RFID Chip Implanted In Them [HOAX]

Virginia G

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This is my first posting, and I haven't been able to find much information as the source seems to be quite recent and is just beginning its rounds on youtube. My husband sent me the source the video he was listening to referred to:

The article in the Inquisitr line to the original study, which is apparently as yet unpublished and just in ePub format:

I haven't been able to find any further information, either confirming or debunking this claim. I did find one site that claims their users have debunked this, but again no further information was given:

I would appreciate any information anyone can find, as my research skills have fallen short on this one. I'm considering making debunking videos when these claims come up. I just haven't decided yet whether I want to devote that much energy to debunking bunk, or if I just want to show people who matter to me that lies are being perpetuated in the name of "truth."

Virginia G

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I thought that might be the case, also like the National Report. Is there info on the site that asserts this? I am looking but would appreciate a link also.

I mean, looking at their other articles, it seems obvious to me, but we are not always dealing with the most rational people when they believe this stuff.

Mick West

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Sites like that are unfortunately an increasing source of bunk. They know they get more traffic if they don't post disclaimers.


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There are plenty of clues on the "About" page...

Genetic engineering was first accomplished in the early 1970's and commercialized in the mid to late 1970's. The first genetically engineered plant was developed in the early 1980's.

The Y2K thing was not a "virus", it was just the way the code was written in the early days when memory space was at a premium, so programmers truncated the date by only using the last two digits of the year. I installed many Y2K upgrades/patches back in the days when I was a Tech Support Engineer and never heard of WIT.

The 2000 Nobel Peace Prize was awarded to Kim Dae-Jung for working on reconciliation between North and South Korea.

Virginia G

New Member
Sites like that are unfortunately an increasing source of bunk. They know they get more traffic if they don't post disclaimers.

They also know, I'm sure, that the majority of youtube truthers don't investigate their sources. It's so frustrating.

Pete Tar

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What the hell is the point of this 'satire'?
It's not in the least bit funny. What is it supposed to be a parody of?

Mick West

Staff member
What the hell is the point of this 'satire'?
It's not in the least bit funny. What is it supposed to be a parody of?

The point seems to be to drive traffic to their web site. It's really more hoax that satire, just controversial topics that will get shared on social media, and hence make them money..

Hama Neggs

Senior Member.
The point seems to be to drive traffic to their web site. It's really more hoax that satire, just controversial topics that will get shared on social media, and hence make them money..

There seems to be more and more of baiting people to click on stuff- even on Yahoo mail, etc. Anything salacious or mysterious will do, as long as it gets attention.
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