Debunked: "Official Photoshopping" of MH17 photo [Window cover physically removed]

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Conspiracy theorists or hoaxers are suggesting that MH17 was actually the same plane as MH370, and as part of their "evidence" have noted a window that was there in a 2005 photo of the plane was actually blanked out in the crashed plane. This was quite conclusively debunked by noting that the window was blanked out after 2006, up to the present day. See:

Despite this being debunked, the hoaxers are now claiming that photos of MH17 have been edited to make it look like the window is there.
[bunk]- Malaysia Airlines renovated their jets a couple of years ago, modifying the interior and blocking the window in question. The presented pictures of MH17 with a window next to the door and below the flag is, apparently, an older image of the jet. Unfortunately for the secret agencies involved in this false flag, the internet buzz created around this information made them panic and the official REUTERS images showing that piece of the wreckage have been Photoshopped (posted below).

Miraculously, a window appeared in at least two of their pictures, where previously there was none: example one / example two. The pictures belong to Reuters, there's no question about it (one of them is hosted on Reuters' website, while the second one is hosted on one of the most respected media websites in Russia and in the world -- the 26th most read website in Russia and 505th most read in the world). - See more at:[/bunk]

Now this theory makes very little sense when you know the plane actually had that window. Why would they want the plane to look like it did in 2005? Is someone simply creating photoshopped images to spread conspiracy theories?

No. The image is actually not Photoshopped. It's a different image taken a few days later after the window cover has been removed - possibly to check what is underneath.

The "Photoshopped" image is this one from Reuters:

In the photo comparison above, the dark window does actually look like a photoshopped oval, however looking at the larger image from Reuters, you can boost the levels and see the edges of the window, and grass underneath:

There are plenty of other photos of the same piece of wreckage. Some show it with the cover in place,

And later photos show it without.

Here it looks like the cover might have been bashed in with a sledgehammer -there seems to be the crumpled cover inside
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This seems to originate from 'Jim Stone, Freelance Journalist'.
He has acknowledged the window renovation explanation, but now insists the position of the flag has been altered to line up with the edge of the window for some reason. I don't follow the argument.
(can't find the 'bunk' tags)

Flight 370/MH17 flag/window report redacted due to possible error, However, the wreckage piece is STILL not from MH17, something is amiss.

My final report on this is being left up to show people how the possible error was made.
HERE IS THE REDACTION: It appears that the flight 370 photos online have been tampered with to move the flag forward after the flag location anomaly was mentioned. (the flag on MH17 did not match the wreckage, but the flag on flight 370 did and subsequently it appears photos of flight 370 have been messed with to move the flag forward to the same position as the flag on MH17.) So I have another way to make all of this obvious, despite tampered with photos online:
Take another look at the wreckage photo:
Content from External Source

And compare this to a decent crop of the windows and flag on MH17:
Content from External Source

AND THEN, compare it to the original perspective from an original flight 370 photo, before any of this was ever mentioned online
Content from External Source

Something is definitely amiss here, perspective did not mess the flag position up in the wreckage that badly. This wreckage piece is not from MH17. So I am leaning towards pictures of flight 370 being tampered with on the web after all of this was mentioned, with the originals nowhere to be had but have to redact this report anyway because the original flight 370 photos are not out there anymore. And if that does not do it for you, WHY does the wreckage piece obviously not match ANY photo of MH17 AT ALL? They did not think to change those . . . . .
Here is the original article quote everyone missed, which caused a LOT of confusion:
"In all paint jobs, things do not always line up the same. And the position of the flag on MH370 puts the leading edge of the flag at the leading edge of first window behind the door, and on MH17, that flag instead lines up with the (trailing edge) of the second window" UPDATE: IN THE PHOTO POSTED IT WOULD BE THE THIRD WINDOW IF YOU COUNT THE LONE WINDOW, WHICH I DID NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO DO SO THIS TIME AROUND I DID NOT USE THE BLOGGERS COLLAGE, I USED MH17's LATEST PAINT JOB. Look again, the flag position really is the smoking gun, THEY SCREWED UP THE FLAG POSITION FOR THE CO-PILOT SIDE OF FLIGHT 370. IT DOES NOT MATCH OTHER PLANES FROM MALAYSIA AIRLINES (or at least definitely not MH17).
I guess I made an error in using the blogger's photo collage for this, because he used the old paint job and window configuration for MH17 and that caused a lot of reader confusion with the point about the flag I was trying to make. But I thought people would see what I was talking about anyway, flight 370 had a screwed up flag, it was too far back.
Any way you cut it, even if every accurate photo of flight 370 out there gets destroyed or it really is all camera perspective error, that is NOT the flag from MH17, this is visibly obvious in all photos even without using a piece of paper to line things up on your screen. I am not redacting that point. And if "they" are tampering with photos, the flags will move to whatever position needed to sway public opinion away from nuking Israel. They surely deserve it, especially after what they did to Gaza under the cover of this MH17 story.
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It confusing because it seems so self-evident a matter of perspective, but to him it's an impossible anomaly only explainable by photoshop.

Mick West

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Yes, it's really unclear what he even thinks is wrong. It seems to be a common mistake/technique, using really small photo to demonstrate things.

Here's the wreckage corrected for perspective. Unfortunately you can't correct for curvature, so it's not perfect, but you can see it's a match for 9M-MRD (MH17)



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Mike.....You appear to be very protective of any questions asked regarding MH17 and in this case focus on the blanked out window forward of the Starboard RH door under the flag and yet you say nothing about the other window aft of the same door......maybe someone would like to enlighten us as to why the blank is not a blank.....maybe someone would say it was also knocked out with a sledgehammer........I am sure someone will confirm that is the possible case but there again maybe someone's 10 year old son could offer their expert opinion.
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It's Mick not Mike, and he focuses on that window because that is what the claim of fakery is based on.
What is it about the other window that requires an answer exactly?
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